September 14, 2023

Solution for monitoring water leakage in a computer room

The Importance of Controlling Water Leaks in Engine Room

With leap in computer technology, construction of computer infrastructure is also rapidly developing. Now, whether it is a complex computer room of a large data center or a simple small to medium sized computer room, more and more electrical appliances are deployed in computer room. Equipment including: network support equipment, servers, power supply and distribution equipment, ventilation and cooling equipment, etc., has become a standard configuration in all computer rooms. However, all of these high-precision electrical equipment is extremely sensitive to water. If water leakage occurs, equipment will be damaged to varying degrees; there are reports that many engine room fires were caused by short circuits in engine room. due to a water leak that was not detected in time, resulting in a major accident that burned down computer room. Therefore, real-time monitoring of presence of liquid leakage in computer room has become main task of computer room operation and maintenance management personnel, and water leakage monitoring system in computer room has also become one of indispensable. main warranty systems in integrated management system for operation and maintenance of computer room.

Auxiliary environmental equipment in data center includes: precision air conditioners, conventional air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, supply air fans and other equipment. These devices are usually equipped with water pipes. Due to poor management or inadequate maintenance, there is a hidden danger of water leakage around these devices and around water pipes. In addition, due to ill-conceived layout of engine room (the water supply in bathroom of engine room is random, rainwater flows in opposite direction, fire pipe is on ceiling, etc.), there are many hidden dangers of water leakage in engine room. Obviously, it is not possible to manually check every leak every day, and it is necessary to build a complete water leak detection system in engine room.

Computer room water leak detection system can help operation and maintenance personnel detect leak at first time, pinpoint location of leak, remind computer room management staff to fix it in time. and ensure safe operation of computer room. The main equipment of ZTT computer room water leak monitoring system is a leak detector independently developed by company. Real-time leak detection in monitoring area is carried out by laying water leak induction wires at possible water leak locations. layout of equipment looks like this:

For different application scenarios, ZT and customers offer best solution. Currently, company offers 3 main types of leak detectors, namely: point, area and local leak detectors (can also be customized). according to customer requirements. Need to provide customized leak detectors), solution is also equipped with a water leakage monitoring platform system, which can be directly integrated into Zongtong Integrated Monitoring and Control Platform (IMCP Integrated Monitoring Platform) or other third-party systems, and water leakage can be accurately detected in real time in monitoring platform system. Location and alarm, alarm information can be displayed through electronic map, local sound and light alarm, SMS, telephone, WeChat and other ways to realize alarm, which is convenient for computer room management and maintenance personnel to receive messages in real time and quickly remove obstacles. The monitoring help page looks like this: