September 09, 2023

What do you know about meaning of dynamic ring monitoring toggle?

I believe that small partners who are in field of installation and debugging of dynamic ring system, PLC system, program development system and intelligent control system often come into contact with three words: switching value, analog value and digital value How to differ states? Now let's slowly analyze this

The switching meaning, as we explain in various books, refers to collection and output of intermittent signals, including collection and output of remote control. It has two states 1 and 0, that is, nature of switching in digital circuits, and power refers to switching circuits or switching contacts. Switching on and off is most basic and typical function of electrical appliances. Generally, switch number device realizes output of switch number through an internal relay. Of course, we are also aware of this state literally. The switch is same as switch we see every day, its state is either on or off, and it will not appear in third state. Of course, although switch value has only two states, its expressions are different in different systems.

Switch value In a PLC system, everyone knows that input and output values ​​that PLC can handle are basically switch values, which are usually represented by 0 and 1. The state of a component is a switch value, so state of a component can be artificially controlled in PLC system, which we often call switch value control. We will not talk about it here. If you are interested, you can refer to related material books.

In a dynamic ring system, toggle value also represents state of component or device. The most primitive binary values ​​are 0 and 1. Of course, all information needed is 0 and 1 in computer information, because dynamic ring What system shows user can be divided into FALSE/TRUE, i.e. true value/false value, or on or off, no matter how it is expressed, its final analytical result is still 0 and 1, but its analysis application is still based on location of equipment.