September 09, 2023

Debugging a precision air conditioner

A hierarchical database in which data is presented according to a hierarchical structure. More representative is IMS database developed by IBM.

A relational database such as an Excel workbook also uses a two-dimensional table of columns and rows to manage data, which is easy to understand. At same time, it also uses SQL to perform data operations.

Non-relational databases, non-relational databases are primarily based on "non-relational object model" databases, also known as NoSQL databases. The original meaning of NOSQL is "not just a database", not "not a database". . .

In terms of database application, databases can also be divided into transaction-oriented and data analysis-oriented.

Operational relational databases like ERP, CRM and their data storage methods are data tables like Oracle Database, mysql etc.

Relational databases focused on data analysis, including business intelligence, data science research, Oracle Exadata, Oracle Hyperion, etc.