September 09, 2023

Intelligent flow meter function

In computer room, UPS is one of most important electrical equipment, because UPS battery is guarantee of power of uninterruptible power supply system. If you want to ensure stability of uninterruptible power supply system, you must first ensure that battery working condition is stable, reliable, then regular Discharging is a necessary condition to ensure battery life. Let's first understand need for battery drain.

The battery is in a state of sufficient power for a long time, which is called power shortage. This condition causes battery to self-discharge. The battery capacity reduces battery life, which leads to an increase in internal resistance of battery. If battery life is shortened, then when mains is turned off, battery cannot provide power to computer room equipment for a long time, which affects operation, it is necessary to periodically discharge battery in UPS power system.

The UPS is now in use and most of computer rooms are left unattended. Operations and maintenance personnel will regularly manually discharge battery, but discharging battery is dangerous. Improper operation may cause low voltage electric shock or Arc Burns, Shenzhen Zonghengtong Information Technology Co., Ltd., for convenience of users and taking responsibility for safety of customers' electricity, company independently developed a host device that can remotely charge and discharge battery - Intelligent discharge device. The circuit diagram looks like this:

The main functions of ZT UPS intelligent discharge device are as follows:

1. The remote discharge function without on-site personnel can discharge battery by remote control, reducing frequency of electric shock caused by manual discharge and making whole discharge process safer.

2. You can set a fixed time for regular discharging and maintenance of battery, there is also a timed discharging function

3. Setting lower capacity discharge limit can prevent overdischarge and avoid the problem of rapid battery capacity reduction caused by positive plate overdischarge.