September 08, 2023

Debugging water leakage control system of dynamic ring system

When we install and debug dynamic ring system, water leakage monitoring is an important subsystem. The control of water leakage in computer room can directly affect working environment of computer room and safety of personnel.

Many people may not understand importance of controlling water leaks in engine room, let's briefly explain this with an example:

Computer room water leakage means water leakage from air conditioner in computer room and water leakage from outer wall of computer room. If water in computer room is damaged, a large power supply will be generated. When people touch it, electric shock will directly occur, which may cause injury. If water leaks in computer room, temperature and humidity in computer room will change, which will cause equipment in computer room to run unstable and lead to equipment safety accidents over time.

When we install and debug dynamic ring system, we set up different water leakage protection equipment according to location and size of computer room and air conditioner.Our general water leakage protection equipment includes water leakage controller and water leakage detector , as well as a water leak sensor. The detector can be divided into leakage rope and leakage sheet. Leakage ropes can be laid around perimeter of air conditioners and cabinets, and can also be laid around perimeter of engine room. This method has a larger detection range and better detection effect than water leak sheet, and now there are more options for computer rooms.

The water leakage controller can be divided into switching value and 485 communication mode. The switch value is divided into normally open and normally closed. When water leakage occurs, it switches to another switch state. During 485 communication, water leakage alarm and normal condition can be determined by collecting data from water leakage controller.

When water leakage in computer room touches leaking rope, water leak detector will generate an alarm and upload it to dynamic ring host, and dynamic ring host will further transmit it to maintenance and service personnel of computer room for timely processing.