September 08, 2023

battery control unit

Computer rooms of informatization will be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply system, consisting of a UPS unit and a battery in computer room. The battery is of particular importance as an uninterruptible power supply. It is important to be able to monitor and manage performance of the battery in a unified way. The operation and maintenance personnel of each user is very helpful. Let me introduce Zonghengtong battery monitoring system products in Shenzhen.

BMU is a high performance battery monitoring platform developed by Shenzhen Zonghengtong Information Technology Co., Ltd. individual battery temperature and battery voltage, battery current and other functions are widely used in large and medium networked computer rooms, data center computer rooms, unattended sites and other places.

The BMU includes two main components: a battery monitoring unit and a battery monitoring module. The battery monitoring module includes two types: high voltage version and low voltage version. It mainly detects voltage, internal resistance, remaining capacitance and temperature. single battery monitoring functions. Each battery must be installed with a monitoring module, and battery monitoring host completes management of all battery monitoring modules, such as ambient temperature, current collection, alarm logic, data interaction and peer-to-peer communication. - communication with peers.

Zonghengtong battery monitoring host has characteristics of high performance and high accuracy. It also provides two functions of Ethernet and serial communication, as well as a built-in website that helps users know working status and battery usage in a timely manner, so that security of computer room is fully guaranteed.

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