September 07, 2023

Computer Room Flooding Alarm System (Computer Room Water Leakage Control and Monitoring System)

There are many sources of water leakage around windows in archive room and around all-in-one disinfection and cleaning machine. If a water leakage occurs by accident, if it is not found and repaired in time, consequences will be unimaginable. Just because archive leaks are very harmful and not easy to find, it is essential to monitor status of archive leaks in real time.

Around all-in-one disinfection and cleaning machine with hidden dangers of water leakage, a water leakage induction rope is installed to connect to leakage controller to monitor water leakage. The switch value acquisition module converts it into a network signal, and water leakage alarm is connected to monitoring host via Ethernet switch Monitoring platform software for real-time monitoring of water leakage.

The system can set an alarm for parameters of water leakage module. Once data exceeds alarm limit, system will automatically switch to corresponding alarm interface, and alarm status or parameter will turn red and flash. , and an alarm event will be generated at same time. Record and save and receive relevant processing prompts, and send external alarms such as phone calls / sms, sound, light, etc. for first time.

Main functions of dive control and alarm system in engine room:

1. The substation overflow alarm monitoring system uses sound and light alarms, text messages, phone calls, text messages + phone calls and emails to remind and notify operators and maintenance personnel to eliminate hazards in a timely manner.

2. It can monitor temperature and humidity of screen cabinets and distribution cabinets, working status of main equipment, and status of power supply. The temperature and humidity can be set to a certain value, once set value is reached, a warning will appear.

3. The duty staff can remotely monitor operation status of distribution room in real time through monitoring center 24 hours a day, and can remotely control start and stop of the equipment. It can save labor inspection.