September 06, 2023

Zonghengtongdonghuan brand monitoring

First, what is dynamic monitoring?

Dynamic environmental monitoring is also called dynamic environmental monitoring system. The dynamic environmental monitoring system monitors and alarms various equipments in computer room, such as air conditioners, computer room nodes, water leak detectors, smoke detectors, and other equipment.

A complete set of comprehensive power system monitoring system can collect distributed independent power equipment, computer room environment, and telemetry and remote alarm of computer room security monitoring objects, real-time monitoring system, equipment and safe operating status, and record and process related data, detect malfunctions in time, perform necessary remote control and adjustment operations, and promptly notify personnel of need to eliminate them; computer room can be staffed or unattended, centralized monitoring and management of electrical and air conditioning maintenance. , as well as improve reliability of power supply system and communication equipment. Security provides strong technical support for computer room management automation, intelligent operation and scientific decision making.

Monitoring brand Zonghengtongdonghuan

Zonghengtong insists on independent research and development and continuous innovation. Hardware and software products developed and produced have completely independent intellectual property rights. At present, company has successfully obtained a number of patents, software copyrights, third-party test reports and other certifications. The company adheres to strict quality management, process standards management, and introduction of mature ERP, CRM and other system tools to standardize management of each link of process. At present, company has obtained ISO9001, national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen high-tech enterprise, double soft enterprise (software product certification enterprise and enterprise software) and other qualifications, application industry covers telecommunications, finance, government, education, transportation, electric power, energy, large enterprise groups, industrial control and others. industries.

Dynamic environment monitoring capabilities

1. Through intelligent data interface (RS232, RS485, RS422) or addition of acquisition and detection equipment, electrical equipment in computer room can ensure normal operation of equipment) monitoring, abnormal state prediction, intelligent online fault diagnosis and other functions.

2. The working environment of power equipment, servers, power transmission and conversion equipment, such as temperature and humidity, water leakage, fire protection and other environmental monitoring, computer room air conditioning monitoring, access to energy environment monitoring system. to provide real-time data monitoring and alarm threshold setting, alarm prediction combined witha contingency plan to adopt appropriate treatment strategies to ensure that working environment is in a healthy state and provide a strong guarantee for reliable operation of equipment.

4. The computer room is an important area. The computer room security environment must be connected to power supply monitoring system, in order to realize access control management, intrusion alarm management, video surveillance, IP and other functional walkie-talkies. to ensure security of computer room, realize remote automatic control and save labor.

5. Servers in machine room and network equipment (switches, routers, etc.) support SNM

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