September 06, 2023

What are characteristics of computer room monitoring function?

What are characteristics of computer room monitoring functions? Stable equipment in a computer room is based on stable environmental factors such as normal temperature, no water leaks, and fire hazard. A prerequisite for determining whether these factors are stable is to have a set of computer room environmental monitoring systems configured according to common configurations to implement environmental management before, during, and after an event. What are functional characteristics of traditional computer room environmental monitoring system?

1. Monitor environmental parameters such as temperature change value, relative humidity percentage, smoke, infrared monitoring status, water immersion, air conditioner outlet temperature and engine room set temperature.

2. A large amount of measurement information can be calculated, and trend of temperature and environmental monitoring equipment can be analyzed using logic programs.

3. If system monitors temperature imbalance, water accumulation, etc., it can immediately send an alarm message to person in charge of computer room by text message or phone call to eliminate abnormal environment in time.

4. Monitor status of multiple devices in real time and support querying detailed device information

5. You can log in with browsers such as IE, Google, QQ, etc., get environmental information remotely and instantly, and support advanced equipment communication management.

6. The software is based on an efficient, user-friendly and widely distributed B/S architecture, and uses ARM core chip to monitor embedded computer room environment. The program is written and implemented in strict and precise C++ programming language, which can prevent penetration of viruses and intrusions, as well as ensure stability and reliability of system to maximum extent.

After using environmental monitoring system of computer room of enterprise, pressure and difficulties of staff were reduced, and a significant improvement was seen in terms of long-term maintenance and safety. At present, system has been applied to computer rooms in various industries in China, and has become a key factor in maintaining stability of computer room environment.

Source: Zonghengtong (Baidu can search Zonghengtong)