September 05, 2023

3D visual computer room control system (full implementation in 2023)

Computer Room The 3D computer room is key to ensure normal and sustainable development of company's business, but it currently faces problems such as complex control subsystems, traditional and boring control interfaces, isolated or abstract information, and complex maintenance. . Therefore, many enterprise computer rooms prefer to use 3D visualization technology for monitoring and control. The environment is becoming more and more complex. All computer rooms are independent, without a single monitoring system to control, it is easy to cause danger when using computer room system frequently. The 3D computer room centralized monitoring and control system greatly reduces burden and complexity of managing operation and maintenance of 3D computer room in computer room with an intuitive display method and simple operation process.

1. Bird's eye view function: you can view panorama, simulate a sand table, and give a panorama view of simulated scene.

2. Air flow simulation: temperature of air conditioner circulates from bottom to top and then down to make room temperature reach normal room temperature.

3. Visual monitoring management: (asset management, capacity storage, wiring, battery monitoring, etc.) Integration of various monitoring data, establishing a single monitoring window, changing phenomenon of isolated monitoring data islands, and realizing maximum value of data change monitoring and monitoring tools.

4. Stereo/non-stereo switching: support real-time switching between stereo and non-stereo modes. The 3D monitoring and visual control system of computer room can intuitively display connection positions of strong and weak currents and network connections in a three-dimensional visualization according to CAD connection diagram of computer room, so as to realize equipment control. ports and connecting cables (main wiring and jumpers). Efficiently improve management and maintenance of 3D wiring in computer room.

5. Free walking: With mouse, you can freely and interactively walk around virtual simulation scene. You can freely move around simulation scene in first/third person, you can choose appropriate jump, and it is accompanied by voice explanation and looping, which eliminates awkward situation of manually pressing and checking in traditional monitoring. system.

6. Navigation map function: provide a complete navigation map of scene, click on navigation map to directly reach corresponding landscape. When system detects a device alarm, system will quickly and automatically switch to best viewing angle of alarm device and automatically open parameter status window of current alarm device to notify operation and maintenance personnel to view failed device. , location and fault information as soon as possible .

7. Unified monitoring: computer room 3D monitoring visualization control can not only collect and display traditional computer room power and environment monitoring data, but also can be used as IT monitoring system, building management system, temperature field, power system, asset. control system, etc. System display platform. Computer room The three-dimensional visual control of computer room monitoring centrally distributes various monitoring data of various devices, collects massive information on one platform, and changes headache that operating and maintenance personnel in traditional monitoring system must deal with several systems and must be familiar with each system.

8. Virtual Simulation: The system uses virtual reality technology to model scene in 3D and accurately reproduce scene characteristics such as resources, geology, and landforms. The 3D computer room monitoring and visual control is based on actual 3D computer room scene, combined with 3D computer room CAD drawings, and 3D computer room buildings and equipment, such as parks, information buildings, and computer rooms. , all are modeled by 3D simulation according to actual situation. The scene is real and intuitive, it is not only a comprehensive 3D monitoring and information management platform for the computer room, but also a display window for building information.

Source: Zonghengtong