September 05, 2023

Base station power saving system (Base station power saving system)

Description of base station power saving (energy saving and emission reduction measures)

1. Base station power saving system

Energy-saving control of computer room space is key to energy-saving base stations. By adding an air and gas circulation control system, temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air in transitional seasons and winter can be fully exploited, running time of air conditioners can be shortened, and energy consumption of air conditioners can be greatly reduced. In addition, based on analysis of peripheral computing of main control unit, by monitoring temperature of equipment room and outdoor, according to predetermined control logic of air conditioner and fan communication, energy-saving start and stop of air can be realized by air conditioner and fan, so as to avoid round-the-clock uninterrupted operation of air conditioner and reduce base station power consumption.

2. Base station security and control system

The Red Dot base station's main control unit is linked to surveillance cameras, infrared sensors, and sound and light alarms to monitor base station's security on a daily basis. When someone trespasses, audible and visual alarm is triggered, and camera is connected to record a report, which effectively prevents theft of electricity, ensures safety of equipment and electricity in computer room, and remotely monitors computer room. .

3. Base station equipment operation and maintenance system

Using cloud-based base station power saving management and control platform to realize automatic collection and reporting of working status of base station equipment, so that operation and maintenance personnel can remotely manage working status and health status of equipment, thereby prolonging service life of equipment and significantly reducing cost of manual operation and on-site maintenance.

Introduction to energy-efficient base station equipment

1. Intelligent main control

As a new generation of energy-saving control products, intelligent main control unit integrates remote control, local control, peripheral computing and communication. With characteristics of high integration, low cost, high reliability, low latency, fast deployment, high stability, etc., it is widely used in various power consumption scenarios such as communication base stations, factories, schools, hotels and shopping malls.

2. Base Station Energy Saving Management and Monitoring Platform

The base station power saving management and control platform is a comprehensive management and control platform customized by our company for base station communication scenarios. Based on thosenical architecture of IoT platform, it creates an ultra-large visual monitoring screen, convenient equipment control mode, powerful data and statistics analysis capabilities, rich alarm modes, and flexible configuration of energy-saving rule chains. The overall energy saving effect is between 15% and 30%, which can effectively reduce power consumption of operator's base station and help operator achieve strategic goal of green and low carbon emissions.

Source: Zonghengtong