September 05, 2023

Can barrier pole manufacturers in Chengdu do direct shipping?

Chengdu Gate Post Manufacturers Can Dropship

Now when you need to buy equipment or products, you all hope to contact manufacturer directly, because manufacturer's shipping and selling price will be more favorable. So, if quantity of goods is small, can you directly contact gate manufacturer in Chengdu to deliver goods? Or are all manufacturers targeting agent customers or large customers, and if they only need a small amount of scattered products, they basically won't ship directly?

As to whether gate post manufacturer in Chengdu will dropship, it depends on which manufacturer you choose. Now, many manufacturers have also changed their sales channels and sales routes. In past, manufacturers were indeed associated with large distributors or agents, but now this is different from past. In order to improve sales, manufacturers also began to connect with scattered customers. As long as customer can find manufacturer's channel, manufacturer will deliver goods according to customer's needs, and there will be no limitation on delivery volume, even if there is only one demand for barrier, contact us Manufacturers, manufacturers will customize or send ready-made gate levers according to customer requirements.

In view of this, is there a dispute about delivery of gate manufacturers from Chengdu? After all, if you contact manufacturer directly, you will receive an ex-factory price, which can not only guarantee quality, but also control your own budget within reasonable limits. Of course, in process of docking with manufacturers, if you have requirements for barrier rails, you can also increase them. Many manufacturers can provide customized services. So you can get a double guarantee of price-performance ratio. In addition, whether it is delivered by manufacturer or purchased through other channels, it takes a little time to transport. If it is a logistics transportation, it will take longer. Generally, time is three to five days. so if you buy online or contact manufacturer, you must calculate the transport time.