September 04, 2023

what does led light mean

What does LED mean?

The LED light is a light-emitting semiconductor material chip, which is fixed on substrate with PVA glue or silver glue, and then chip and circuit board are connected together with silver or gold wires, and environment is sealed and protected with epoxy resin. Install case after passing main wires, and LED light has good impact resistance.

The relationship of LED light, we all know that wavelength range of visible light is 380nm ~ 760nm, that is, seven colors that human eye can see, these colors of light are monochromatic, there is no white in it, because color is white is not monochromatic. Colored light is a composite light synthesized from several monochromatic light sources. For example, sunlight is white synthesized from seven monochromatic light sources, and color TV is made from three primary colors: red, green and blue.

Spectral characteristics must include entire visible spectral range. To achieve this, LEDs are not possible under technological conditions. The white light that eye can see requires at least a mixture of two kinds of light.

Both white light modes require blue light, and use of blue light has become a key technology for generating white light.