September 03, 2023

Smart parking barrier

Smart parking barrier

The internal structure of intelligent parking barrier is made of anti-corrosion materials, which are durable and not afraid of wind and rain. , with advanced and mature intelligent collision avoidance functions, collision avoidance functions such as rebound when there are obstacles, ground collision avoidance, priority opening collision avoidance, collision avoidance elastic bands and other collision avoidance functions.

In order to ensure safety of parking system, excellent scenes are created when entering and exiting site. The intelligent algorithm provides smooth switching between day and night, detailed structured image information, and remaining number of parking spaces can be displayed on screen. No input License plate can scan QR code for easy entry payment and parking payment.

The barrier is a necessary piece of equipment to control entry and exit of parking system. Wrong selection of barrier will also affect normal use, resulting in paralysis of parking system and affect passage of vehicles. Therefore, choose an appropriate barrier. It can not only play role of a barrier, improve efficiency of parking lot traffic, but also avoid unnecessary security risks and economic losses.

In age of Internet, parking spaces have changed from an administrator having to lift pole manually, to an automatic pole lift to capture and recognize camera, allowing for independent operation. This is also a general intellectual trend. Many places are "line of defense" of the parking gate.