August 19, 2023

Haberdashery: 4S joint car store chain, security, telephone system integration solution, thank you for taking it

This is a low-current system integration diagram of one 4S car shop. This is a project currently under construction. I drew it from construction drawings and there are some changes in design. I have made some simplifications. In principle, small and small businesses that are not very large can follow this plan.

Some people will start complaining again that there is no firewall, access point line does not open on its own, and line must be connected to an optical fiber. In fact, they are very simple and have nothing to do with architecture. Which equipment to use depends on how much customer is willing to pay for equipment? Customers pay TP, you can't use Cisco equipment. Therefore, talking about equipment, regardless of cost, does not make sense.

Haberdashery: 4S joint car store chain, security, telephone system integration solution, thank you for taking it

Simplified block diagram

Let me walk you through logic of system structure in figure above.

1. The external network is a 20 M fixed IP line that passes through telecommunications gateway equipment (epon). The current telecommunications equipment is mainly used by Huawei. Some equipment calls come with a large logarithm, and if it is a large logarithm, you need to call dragon bar. As shown in the figure below, a telephone line consists of 25 pairs of incoming lines and can be connected to a maximum of 25 outside lines. Next time I will write an article to share with you how to play large logarithms.

Haberdashery: 4S joint car store chain, security, telephone system integration solution, thank you for taking it

Telecom equipment, data line on right is big logarithm of 25 pairs

2. Router selection. Because customers are price sensitive, they need an access point. Thus, AC management was removed and a router with AP management and supporting AP products was chosen instead. Both TP and H3C have such products. If client is not price sensitive, it is better to use a separate AC controller to control access point.

3. The client has insufficient budget and has requested removal of firewall. You can only do some security in router, like bind MAC address, disable remote access to router, and disable basic settings like ping.

4. The main switch and POE switch are gigabit, which cannot be saved. Because transmission of video surveillance data must also pass through this switch. These devices have been upgraded, and there is nothing to save on.

5. The NVR must be connected to a network in order to be accessed from a computer on intranet. In addition, NVR must also support remote monitoring, which is convenient for remote access to 4S boss system and large screen of group headquarters.

6. Since there is only one line between access point and office network, so that users using mobile phones and other mobile access terminals cannot watch and download videos, so that it does not affect office network, it is necessary to limit speed of access point on router.

7. The phone system had to be connected to software-controlled switch, then to recording equipment, and then to desktop. But due to budget, client requested to omit this part and use a direct connection. I had to tag all phone lines and jump to right office.

8. Since number of termination points is small, system is designed by us and we provide drawings, but part of wiring is entrusted by Party A to decoration side for unified wiring. We are only responsible for installation and commissioning of equipment.

9. The background music is not drawn on block diagram. The background music is relatively simple, just a power amp and a few speaker cables. In a showroom, you need a few speakers for background music.

In general, this configuration is suitable for many small and medium enterprises. The choice of equipment is determined based on budget of customer. You can use TP, you can use H3C, you can also use Huawei, Cisco.

Haberdashery: 4S joint car store chain, security, telephone system integration solution, thank you for taking it

Showroom picture, there is a large screen that is not in system

As for line, it doesn't matter if you use fiber optic or category 6 line, and you can choose appropriate equipment according to actual situation.

A weak current system is an integrated project, which often includes network, security, phone, etc. As for a clean network and security, you can be very experienced and familiar, but sometimes not as easy as you think , integrate all parts together. Looking at picture above, you must have already guessed what 4S is. I actually really like this car, but engine start sound is too loud.

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