August 18, 2023

Why use multi-color network cables in low current wiring?

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During construction of last construction site, because blue network cable was used up, I was not at site for some reason, and workers used gray network cable to do this to avoid problems, which caused certain problems for later string searching, debugging and marking. Therefore, today I am mainly telling you why network cables of different colors are used in low-voltage wiring.

Why use multi-color network cables in low current wiring?

Common cable colors

Regular network cables are mostly gray (most commonly used), blue, yellow and green. Using multiple network cables in a project depends entirely on size of your project and division of each submodule. There are no standards or rules. If you plan it yourself, installation, commissioning and after-sales service will be much more convenient.

Of course, more colors of network cables used, more accurate calculation of consumption of network cable will be, otherwise purchase will be more troublesome. At same time, if multi-color network cables are used, losses during wiring process will be relatively large. Usually in small and medium projects we use two or three colors of network cables.

Gray network cables are most commonly used and best to buy and are generally most used. We usually use them for office network wiring. Power plugs, grounding plugs, etc. are used to wire office network. (If there are many dots, you can also separate plug and ground plug with different colors).

If there is video surveillance in same project, we usually use blue network cables. All cameras, be it PTZ, Dome, Bolt, or Dome, use blue network cables.

Wireless WIFI system can use yellow network cable. Telephone systems typically use 4-wire wires instead of 2-wire wires.

Friends who use it say what are benefits of using multi-color network cables? There are too many colors and it's a hassle for workers to lay wires. I use one color of network cable, but it still works. This is true, but use of nets of different colors is much more convenient for subsequent installation, debugging, line searching and after-sales service. The wiring to cabinet will also be clean. If you have been in this business for a long time, you will understand.

When there are a lot of wires on side of machine, it's easy for us to tell what those wires are for by different colors. It can be directly distributed to various cabinets. Otherwise, finding a line among hundreds or thousands of lines will be very troublesome.

In a larger project, office network equipment, monitoring equipment, access point equipment, and phone system will be separated using different cabinets rather than concentrated in one cabinet. It is very convenient to use different colored network cables for integration into final computer room.

The last thing to say is that if you've been in this industry for a long time, company must have its own fixed habits. In each individual project, use of network cables of different colors must be consistent. The gray network cable is used for office network and has always been used for office network. Blue is used for monitoring and blue has always been used for monitoring. Form a single set of workershabits. Why this is so, you can think for yourself.

During final integration, we connect cables between different switches and different devices, and we also recommend separating jumpers with different colors. And don't use hand thread, try using ready made thread. The truth is that everyone will understand when they think about it.

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