August 18, 2023

How should construction party regard construction of poorly current facilities? this is what we usually do

When dealing with weak current projects, general engineering companies provide their own technicians, and few companies have their own construction team. Usually, when a company receives a weak current project, it hires technical staff to supervise it and finds a construction crew with whom it often collaborated to complete construction. At this time, we faced problem of how to hand over work to construction team.

Generally speaking, both company and construction team are willing to sign a contract. If construction crew is calculated daily and generally works only 8 hours a day, efficiency is not high. In spring, summer and autumn days are very long, and if workers only work 8 hours a day, it is a waste of time for workers. If it is agreed with workers, in this long day season, workers can work until 7 pm. As long as they can do work, they will receive more wages every day.

Some executives are uncomfortable seeing employees making much more money than they make in a day and feel that employees are making too much money in a day. But this did not take into account that workers worked overtime, and if they worked regularly, then it would be impossible to do so much work in a day.

I'm often asked by friends in construction industry, how should low-voltage construction contractors be judged? By points or by number of meters of wiring? In low current project, types of construction may be more complex. In addition to computer network points, telephone points and background music, there can also be access control, optical fiber, camera installation, ground socket installation, wall socket installation, etc. There are many things you can do, like slots. If price is calculated according to these details, it is not only difficult, but also easy to miss some positions.

During construction, there are still temporary emergencies, unpredictable ones, such as alterations in some places, temporary suspension of work for some reason, and so on. Often these things can cause conflicts. Especially a construction team that cooperates for first time is especially prone to problems.

During construction contracting process, we usually do not risk finding unfamiliar construction crews at will. We usually look for teams that have worked with us before and are relatively familiar with both parties. On one hand, construction crew is also very clear about our craftsmanship requirements and won't worry about you not paying. We do not need to constantly monitor workers on site and explain technical requirements of construction, so that both parties feel more comfortable.

How to calculate price? Here's what we usually do. If it is a very simple project, for example, only monitoring and networking, then this viewThe offer is very simple. You can calculate price depending on number of points plus cost of installation, or calculate wiring and installation together. . Talking about how much money is needed for a point depends on complexity of laying electrical wiring on site, whether it is necessary to carry pipes, whether it works at a height, whether it needs to be hammered, and so on. Workers need to estimate how many line points can be placed per day and how much local normal labor costs per day to make a comprehensive assessment, there is no so-called one-size-fits-all price. In a place where labor costs 200 yuan per day, and in a place where labor costs 400 yuan per day, price per point should be different.

If it consists of several subsystems, it is a relatively complex weak current project. Usually, basic goods are priced at a unit price that is negotiated by everyone. For example, how much does a wiring point cost, how much does it cost to pull an optical fiber per meter or root, how much does it cost to install a camera, how much does it cost to install a site, how much does it cost to install a speaker, how much does it cost to install a bridge frame per meter. How to decide construction in other places and how to provide construction tools must be agreed in advance. After such pricing, total price can be calculated according to volume of construction at end, or total price can be calculated first according to drawings and negotiated directly with construction team at a fixed price.

If unexpected changes occur during construction process, volume of construction decreases or something unexpected happens. Both sides should be tolerable, a small amount of cuts or a small amount of rework, don't make too much noise. If difference is relatively large, then both parties can contribute a certain amount of compensation.

In short, during construction process, everyone should strive for mutually beneficial cooperation. If you want to clearly calculate everything and take care of everything, there is no way to cooperate. The contractor doesn't always have to think about saving labor, and building side doesn't always have to think about asking for a little more money. As saying goes, two parties that can work together for a long time means construction crew thinks boss is fine, interesting enough, and doesn't owe money. The boss thinks that construction team is not lazy and reliable, and asking price is acceptable.