August 17, 2023

This example shows how important an Internet-savvy plumber is to home improvement.

Hello everyone, I'm Lao Zhao. Last year, after my home broadband was upgraded to 200M, I found that speed of my home network did not even reach 200M, but when my computer was directly connected to optical modem, there was no problem with speed. As a senior industry insider, I must of course find a way to figure out what problem is. I eventually discovered that all modules in wall panels in my house were supposed to be connected with 8-wire wire, but electrician who did them all connected me with 4-wire wire. also mentioned At time I thought it was an exception.

This example shows how important an Internet-savvy plumber is to home improvement.

Module made by an electrician during renovation of Zhao's old house

My friends can tell why even I, professional, didn't know? Because during renovation I asked project manager of decorating company and he said there was no problem. At time, I was just looking at network cable brought in by decorating firm, and I didn't care if there were no problems. When I moved into a new house in 2014, broadband I applied for was only 50m. At time, test showed that the network was available and there were no problems using it, so I didn't think about it. .

This example shows how important an Internet-savvy plumber is to home improvement.

A micro-headline about decor and electrical wiring resonating on web

Over past two days, I've seen a user complain online about an electrician who was doing repairs on his house. I did not expect what happened to owner, which caused thousands of comments. I read all comments and found that many people have this experience for everyone, and this friend's experience resonated with everyone. For same reason, all wall panel modules sent to her home by decorator were four-wire, causing problems with network speed.

People in industry like me, faced with such a problem, can at best say a few words out loud, and they can retype module in a few minutes to fix problem. But if it's a regular user, solving this problem is really a bit of a hassle. Not to mention whether you can figure out what problem is, it's very hard for you to find someone to fix it after you find problem.

Now Internet is getting faster and faster, and general users have higher and higher network speed requirements, but in decor industry, especially in home decor industry, there are very few craftsmen who really understand Internet. Unless you are Internet savvy yourself, it's hard to get satisfactory results if you expect to outsource Internet to a home decorator.

In home decor industry, whether it's a large decorating company or a small decorating company, it's a project management system. Upon receiving your order, decorating company will hand it over to project manager, who will then lead construction team to build for you. In home decorating, there is no master who specializes in network, and master who is a plumber will do it by way. Some hydropower masters only know how to lay wires, if you ask for some wires, they will give you some wires, but they don't care about rest. Some hydropower masters with a little training can mold a crystal head for you or make a module for you. It is almost impossible to find a plumber in a home improvement team to help install and debug a home network from electrical wiring, because they are just plumbers, not networkers.

This example shows how important an Internet-savvy plumber is to home improvement.

Network planning is very important in design process

Most of methods used by plumbers to make crystal heads and modules are learned from Internet or from people they know. They don't have underlying theory of Internet. Most of time they just know about it, but don't know why. This is determined by model of entire home improvement industry.

When we do projects, in many cases fitters we are looking for have done finishing work. Come and ask, let's teach him these very basic things, of course, we'll just teach him easily. In some of my videos, some people often comment that they don't understand. Or think I'm not being specific enough. They just want to know detailed and specific practices, but they don't want to know why they do it. They always want you to give him a net and they can net fish but my video is more about telling you how to net and with which net you can catch which fish.

With development of network, smart homes are becoming more widespread, and requirements for home networks are also getting higher and higher, and requirements of users for decorators are also getting higher and higher. From user's point of view, handing over finishing of a house to a finishing company means handing over network to finishing company, and it is simply not possible for most home finishing companies to outsource construction to a person who understands Internet. The plumber comes with him. In eyes of many decorators, as long as Internet can be used, there are so many dirty requirements.

This is era of movement in step with times. If master plumbers involved in decoration are still unwilling to learn, accept new and work old way, it will be difficult to meet needs of users. Demand, such a master will be eliminated sooner or later. (This article was originally created by Lao Zhao, "Those things about weak electricity", with same number on Douyin. Welcome to Douyin to follow me.)