August 15, 2023

Access control, "just a must" for city life

The door on first floor of my house was broken for a while, but at insistence of neighbors, it was finally fixed. Access control has long been our "simple need": block buildings need access control, communities need access control, and tighter access control, better community.

It was different in my hometown. When you walk down street, doors of each house on both sides should be open during day. Even in winter, when wind howls, at least one door is open. The door is closed during day, and there is only one situation, that is, no one is at home. If someone has someone in house and door is closed in broad daylight, it will make people feel abnormal. It really is an "open block" as designers like to say, with "street eyes" everywhere.

But we live in city. Access control is required to enter a community, access control is required to enter a block building, and access control is required to enter a house. Fortunately, once you enter your home, access control is no longer needed. In our own house, whether it's 50 square meters or 150 square meters, we usually don't lock door, because family members are a community.

In a company, we don't usually need access control. Whether it's 500 square meters or 1500 square meters, everyone in company is a community. There are acquaintances with common interests and long replays in community.

And once we're out of company and family, we'll need access control everywhere. Because there are strangers everywhere in this city that we don't trust.