August 12, 2023

Amazon, when will your violations stop?

Amazon, when will your violations stop?

With development of e-commerce, more and more violations are being committed on e-commerce platforms. The low cost of infringement in virtual world has enabled many people to take advantage of it. Major platforms have already launched various punitive measures to cooperate with state market supervision department. Once a violation is found, products will be removed from shelves, store's rights will be restricted, and even store will be closed directly. , The current market development situation has improved somewhat. However, difficulty of protecting rights of e-commerce platform itself is a real problem for many infringing companies. As a well-known e-commerce company in United States, even if Amazon has become a leader in industry, it has not been able to stand alone and infringement incidents have occurred one after another.

Amazon, when will your violations stop?

Amazon plagiarized Williams-Sonoma case

Amazon, when will your violations stop?

Without permission of Williams-Sonoma, an American high-end home furniture company, Amazon used company's name to open brand's flagship store on its website for transactions. Not only that, Williams-Sonoma has also accused Amazon of running a "systematic campaign" to copy its West Elm brand's patented furniture design and create cheaper knockoffs, even Amazon's similarly named "Rivet" furniture line.

The three chairs accused of design patent infringement are as follows:

Orb Dining Chair (Orb Dining Chair);

Office chair Orb (Office chair Orb);

Slope swivel leather office chair.

Amazon, when will your violations stop?

Image: Amazon's Rivet chair series (right) and Williams-Sonoma's West Elm Ball Chair

Williams-Sonoma is headquartered in San Francisco. Since its launch in 1999, more than half of its sales have come from e-commerce platforms. Recently, some of company's customers purchased Williams-Sonoma-related products through Amazon that turned out not to be Williams-Sonoma products. These customers complained to Amazon and Williams-Sonoma, so Amazon was sued for infringement.

You should be aware that, in past, Amazon has always required third-party sellers to comply with brand guidelines and prohibited infringement of other sellers' product ownership. He's about to fall. With lawsuit filed, Amazon not only faces need to stop manufacturing or selling infringing goods, but also has to pay hundreds or even tens of millions of dollars in damages.

Small companies are not immune to abuse by Amazon

Amazon, when will your violations stop?

Early on November 30, 2017 at annual AWS re: Invent conference in Las Vegas, USA, Amazon AWS unveiled an AI camera called DeepLens. This camera is capable of deep learning and integrates AWS and AI services. After launch, it caused a strong response in market.

However, Deep Lens trademark was registered by E-Anfang platform in 2015 and obtained right to use it from October 28, 2015 to October 27, 2025, and was also recognized by Trademark Office of State Administration of Industry and Commerce. The Easy Security platform is a platform dedicated to operation and maintenance of security industry, including contents of smart cameras, and Deep Lens brand used by company is also used in its panoramic virtual reality cameras and HD network infrared cameras and other products. How is Amazon supposed to explain such a "coincidence"?

Amazon, when will your violations stop?

How many dark things happen on Amazon with a huge halo on your head? Focusing on user experience has always been goal of promotion. Did you really take into account interests of sellers? Plagiarizing their trademarks, ideas and products for profit, Amazon, when will your infringements stop?

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