August 11, 2023

A simple security platform takes SMBs out of their traditional sales quandary.

In recent years, demand for transformation of domestic enterprises has been gradually increasing. Many enterprises have realized that B2B e-commerce is an opportunity for transformation, and have begun to take Internet transformation initiative, which can help SMEs improve circulation efficiency, reduce circulation costs, and expand market channels. All aspects play a very important role.

In context of general slowdown in economic development, promotion of supply reform in country is an important opportunity for development of B2B e-commerce. With continuous improvement of mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing and logistics technology, "Internet + traditional industries" will grow rapidly in B2B field.

Insiders think

Internet+ is not only an opportunity for businesses to become a phoenix, but also an opportunity to realize concepts of Internet and add value. When a certain technology matures, this is stage when it is truly deeply integrated into industry and revolutionizes economic and social significance. B2B e-commerce leads SMEs to gradually move into Internet + mode stage. Improving strategic structure means improving resource integration ability and core competitiveness, and also means enhancing environmental value and platform value.

A simple security platform takes SMBs out of their traditional sales quandary.

Future Development Trends

The real value of a B2B platform is detailed services such as user behavior analysis, processes, standards, and process management built on transaction data. Thus, importance of value of each link in transaction is also more visible. Fueled by capital and deep location of traditional giants in divided areas, there is a high chance of security reshuffling and integration this year.

Easy Security believes that with development of Internet today, there is no chance of being just a platform for dissemination of information. The security system is not a single standardized product and must be installed before it can be used. translates into performance.

Security development requirements

There are many factors that affect security effect, so it is necessaryto build an industry platform covering entire process of information gathering, service provision, equipment installation, operation and maintenance, and multipoint connection. Use Internet to realize reconstruction of security industry and realize connection between people and security. There are producers, service providers and consumers on platform. This connection makes transactions more cost-effective and efficient. The roles have changed from a single series mode to a parallel or multidimensional relationship. This kind of interaction is no longer between people and people. Interaction between people and between enterprises, but between people and data, changes old way of using a large amount of labor, which caused enterprises to incur huge labor and management costs, and improves efficiency of resource allocation.

A simple security platform takes SMBs out of their traditional sales quandary.

The domestic B2B market has entered a period of rapid transformation, and traditional e-commerce development model based only on traffic and industry resources is a thing of past. In future, development of B2B enterprises will require further exploration of value of enterprise users, updating and innovating products, improving service capabilities, improving platform information security and payment guarantee capabilities, and truly establishing itself in market for services and products.

With help of new B2B platforms such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Mobile Internet, Smart Equipment, Drones, Internet Finance, Industry 4.0 and AI, there will be more merchandise content and services in world. Future projects, business forms and profit models. At same time, new type of B2B will provide more practical assistance in future for implementation of "Internet +", as well as modernization and transformation of traditional enterprises.

A simple security platform takes SMBs out of their traditional sales quandary.

The Benefits of Big Data

For businesses, making faster, smarter, data-driven marketing decisions can make or break business goals. Effective marketing often accurately analyzes type and characteristics of target group and tracks this data in real time.

The traditional research method is an addition to era of big data, which can bring us a lot of intuitive data. The advantage that big data gives us in our work is that we need such multi-faceted data to know if our user's credit information and wishes are consistent with what applicant said, if we can understand person's behavioral habits and we we can guess what type of information he will be more interested in and whether he will be able to detect potential user needs. What's more, for Yianfang's business, it's about matching information users want to get through big data, as well as supporting business.

The benefits of simple protection

By providing an end-to-end security system and maintenance services, Easy Security implements complete lifecycle management and control of security equipment. Using online, LBS, interactive and collaborative methods, it has pioneered comprehensive security solutions on a large scale. With advanced management, it creates a massive data collection, aggregation, analysis and maintenance system to realize complete digitalization of security industry. Using security big data as core and big data management platform as foundation, optimize operation of security industry, complement each other for a mutually beneficial situation and develop in a coordinated manner, and realize all-round security industry from point of view to line, from line to surface, and then from surface to three-dimensional development.

A simple security platform takes SMBs out of their traditional sales quandary.

Regardless of how data is handled, it is data that by itself has no value and will not create value. The point of data is to explain, and an explanation must speak of cause and effect, and process cannot be explained as a series of accidents. The explanation needs to talk about architecture of system, because in different architectures, data mining cannot be viewed as just a collection of random events.

Traditional and conservative thinking in service industry will be undermined by an innovative model. As a carrier of all walks of life, enterprises need to make changes. Using information technology such as Internet and big data, they are actively developing individual production to meet diverse and personalized consumption needs.

China's No. 1 Security and Maintenance Platform - Simplicity

Easy Security is first company to offer granular control using definitions, classifications and data. Targeted and accurate services, creating a database, quantifying factors and indicators that affect quality, efficiency and cost of services one by one, and realizing digitization of service capabilities. Repair, maintenance, construction, shipping, door-to-door delivery, process, disposal, reporting and communication, valuation, etc. will all be digitized. We will revolutionize the industry and change traditions.