August 10, 2023

CCTV Cost People Should Pay Attention To

With rapid development of science and technology in today's society, scope of video surveillance is also growing. From first key factory units to large and small companies and even individual families, people rely on objective video media to prevent and solve many complex problems. The huge market demand and current situation of rapid development put forward higher requirements for video surveillance equipment, as well as post-operation and maintenance, and cost problem is becoming more and more prominent.

Reasons for high cost of video surveillance

The quality of video surveillance products varies

Currently, there are many types of equipment in video surveillance market, and product promotion is a hype, but quality of products with similar functions varies greatly. When choosing video surveillance equipment without knowing equipment and market, it is difficult to make best use of security equipment, and it is easy to buy products with high prices and low quality.

Service after manufacturer sells product can't keep up

My country's security and maintenance services have not yet become systematized and industrialized. Some manufacturers of video surveillance equipment often focus only on production, and this is difficult to do “one package to end.” Once equipment has passed warranty period, many devices with problems will be left behind due to incomplete components and limited operating capabilities. and service personnel.

The quality of operation and maintenance personnel is uneven

Due to diversity of products and ever faster rate of renewal, professional skills of operating and maintenance personnel must be higher and higher. If you want to find right O&M personnel, you may need to look for technicians outside of city, so food and accommodation costs for staff, travel and time costs are also an important factor influencing overall cost.

How to cut video surveillance costs

Make a reasonable plan in early stages of construction

First of all, when building a video surveillance system, it is necessary to take into account compatibility of various products, and at same time avoid "abuse and blind use" of equipment. Secondly, it is necessary to fully consider degree of product intelligence and product quality, because it plays an important role in subsequent operation and maintenance.

Proper use of video surveillance equipment

Many video surveillance devices now have technical support such as big data, cloud computing, and AI deep learning algorithms. AfterBy understanding equipment and system changes in advance, user can improve management efficiency and reduce system failure rate.

Select appropriate operator

Commissioning, installation, failure, and repair of most equipment is responsibility of each equipment manufacturer or operator. Since monitoring system includes a large number of equipment, when a problem occurs, each unit can check each other, evade and solve problem. In order to ensure quality of operation and maintenance, O&M service outsourcing model can be implemented, and most suitable specialists can be selected in Yianfang App to improve efficiency of operation and maintenance.

A video surveillance system is an indispensable guarantee in modern life. Although we do not use it all time in our normal production and life, but under protection of video surveillance system, our production and life will be more free!

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