August 09, 2023

5 minutes to fully understand security

The security industry is an important manifestation of a country's strength. The security industry of my country has been developing for over 30 years. From very beginning, it could only be used in some very important or special units and departments. Now, application area has greatly expanded, CCTV cameras can be seen everywhere, and my country's security industry has undergone amazing changes and made great progress.


What is security

Security industry

This industry arose in connection with security needs of modern society. It can be said that as long as there is crime and unstable factors in society, security industry will exist and develop. At present, demand for security equipment in my country is still one of fastest growing markets. According to statistics from China Security Network, size of security market in 2018 will exceed 700 billion yuan.


is abbreviation of security system, which is a burglar alarm system, video surveillance system, entry and exit control system, explosion-proof security check system, etc., which are composed of security products and other related products for purpose of maintaining social public safety , or An electronic system or network composed or integrated of these systems as subsystems.

5 minutes to fully understand security


Status of security industry development

The security industry in my country began in late 1970s and early 1980s. Although it started almost 20 years later than developed foreign countries, it has passed initial stage, initial development stage and entire development path with high speed. development stage, it is currently moving into maturity stage.

The total value of security products is increasing year by year

Safety output value accounts for largest share

According to Qianzhan Industry Research Institute's "China Security Industry Market Prospects and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report 2018-2023", total value of my country's security industry output reached 620 billion in 2017, and year on year - an annual growth rate of 14.8%, highest since 2013. In 2018, total value of my country's security industry products is still expected to have a relatively fast growth.

5 minutes to fully understand security

The security industry in my Internet + country has just begun

In 2013, Hikvision launched a branded product based on Internet microvideo business, thus penetrating into field of civil security. Entering 2015, most brands in first and second tiers of security industry settled on “Internet + security” segment.

However, not every "Internet + Security" collaboration can have desired effect. At present, most enterprises are still in research stage, facing many challenges such as fuzzy business models, more technical constraints, and fewer successful cases. In general, Internet and security industry in my country is still in its infancy.

5 minutes to fully understand security


What does security system include?

CCTV video surveillance system

Alarm & Video anti-theft and patrol system

Access and video

Parking system Parking

Optical fiber and communications

SLCD and DLP screen splicing

Display system indicator

Meeting and acoustics

Video conferencing and interactive video conferencing

Automatic control of building automation system

Engine room

Cable TV

Other weaknesses

5 minutes to fully understand security


Security Industry Development Events Node

Surveillance from analog to high definition

From 1980s to present, security video monitoring technology has gone through stage of a video surveillance system and a PC-based connected video monitoring system. Since its development, video surveillance has shaped digital age based on embedded technologies as well as networking and communication technologies.

Especially after 2010, high-definition network technology, represented by high-definition network technology, and high-definition digital technology, represented by HD-SDI technology, began to attack traditional analog market in all directions.

5 minutes to fully understand security

Wide use of face recognition

Now security industry has officially entered "smart" era. The intelligent application of combination of face recognition and security technology has actively contributed to dawn of a new era.

In 2011, country's first professional security software company was founded in Zhongguancun, which combines face recognition technology and security technology, and launched first product that combines two technologies: integrated intelligent network video monitoring and management. Platform. After platform was launched, it was quickly adopted by users, and in just four months, it was applied in many areas and received high praise from users.

5 minutes to fully understand security

AI technologies are insurmountable in terms of security

With development of artificial intelligence technology, intelligence has become a new direction for development of security industry.

In 2016, Three-Year Action Plan for Implementation of Artificial Intelligence "Internet", developed by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Central Network Information Administration, proposed to encourage companies involved in security, to cooperate with Internet companies to develop intelligent security products that integrate various technologies such as accurate image and video recognition, biometric recognition, code recognition, etc., to promote intelligent, intensifying and network security products.

5 minutes to fully understand security

China's No. 1 Security and Maintenance Platform - Simplicity

Easy Security is first company to offer granular control using definitions, classifications and data. Targeted and accurate services, creating a database, quantifying factors and indicators that affect quality, efficiency and cost of services one by one, and realizing digitization of service capabilities. Repair, maintenance, construction, shipping, door-to-door delivery, process, disposal, reporting and communication, valuation, etc. will all be digitized. We will revolutionize industry and change traditions.


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