August 09, 2023

Without daily operation and maintenance, your security equipment will be just a decoration.

The construction of security systems is very common today, and people are beginning to realize importance of security, but security industry has its own unique feature.

Building safety can be roughly divided into four parts: design, installation, acceptance, and operation and maintenance. Early design, installation and acceptance is one aspect, and later daily maintenance and maintenance are equally important. Any problem in each link will have a big impact on end use. If you simply install a security system and do not pay attention to subsequent operation and maintenance, then no matter how perfect equipment is, effectiveness of protection will not be maximum.

Useless Camera

Ms. Liu, who lives in Binhewang Community, Jinqiao Development Zone, Hohhot, experienced an unfortunate incident. Since six months ago, cars parked in front of Building 19 in Binhewang Community have often lost their license plates, and many residents found house and wanted to check CCTV system. But staff said that camera in front of Building 19 was broken. Six months later, license plate of Ms. Liu's house was stolen again, and staff said camera had not been repaired.

Without daily operation and maintenance, your security equipment will be just a decoration.

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This kind of news is not uncommon, because not every second of video surveillance is needed, and cases of theft do not happen every day. Therefore, many security devices have problems after being used for a certain period of time, and they cannot be repaired in shortest possible time, and regular maintenance requires a certain amount of money. In addition, imperfect O&M management systems and hidden hazards in engineering design and installation will lead to problems of one kind or another where safety really should come into play.

Without daily operation and maintenance, your security equipment will be just a decoration.

For a complete security project, you need to purchase a variety of equipment, and most people will not use equipment from just one supplier. The competitive environment for security is becoming more and more fierce. Decentralized equipment procurement will pay more attention to equipment performance and cost control, ignoring subsequent maintenance and repair. So how should safety equipment be operated and maintained on a daily basis?

Daily operation and maintenance of safety equipment

First of all, at beginning of our security system design, we should have a relatively perfect operation and maintenance plan. A perfect plan can organize complex problems. When a problem arises with certain equipment, security specialists formulate targeted performance improvement measures according to technical parameters, performance indicators and other relevant information in plan.

Secondly, safety equipment requires regular inspection and cleaning and prompt response. In daily life, we should always pay attention to normal operation of security equipment, normal output and storage of security information, and not only know about it after something goes wrong. In case of harsh natural conditions or man-made damage, it is necessary to increase attention and maintenance of security equipment in a timely manner.

Without daily operation and maintenance, your security equipment will be just a decoration.

Finally, if safety equipment fails, it should be handled by professional security personnel. Security equipment is becoming more modern and many people are very curious, but "curiosity killed cat." In absence of professional technical education, it is easy to cause secondary damage to equipment, and gain outweighs gain. If you don't know how to contact most professional security experts, please use China's most professional security operation and maintenance platform - Easy Security.

Safety is not enough to install device, do a good job of daily operation and maintenance, otherwise your security device will be just a decoration!

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