August 08, 2023

Easy Security rethinks security and maintenance services

As security industry expands, more and more security products are emerging. In urban construction from "Safe City" to "Smart City" and today's "Snow Bright Project", in home appliance manufacturing, from CCTV to parking system, to building smart communities, etc. all time.

The development of security systems has created a number of challenges for equipment operations and maintenance: Who will maintain and manage this advanced equipment? How to ensure normal operation of equipment? Can products from different manufacturers be supported in the same way?

Easy Security rethinks security and maintenance services

As they say, three points of a good project depend on construction, and seven points - on maintenance. Security operation and maintenance services, equivalent to after-sales service for products, are last mile of building a security system. If you want to get a good use effect, this kilometer cannot be ignored.

According to current market structure, although a large number of security operation and maintenance groups and enterprises have emerged, operation and maintenance services in security market have not yet become systematic and industrialized. In addition, security and maintenance organizations face practical challenges such as difficulties in centralized product management, increased demand for intelligent data, process timeliness, accuracy, traceability and cost-effectiveness, and difficulties in assessing technical strength of operations and maintenance services. .

Safety O&M services can no longer be same as they were in past, just using traditional problem-solving methods. Combine O&M resources, search for highly qualified and technical teams, build industry communication communities, build professional vertical platforms, and secure big data is development direction of O&M in security industry.

Easy Security rethinks security and maintenance services

The result is Easy Security. As China's first security and maintenance platform, it uses Internet to reconstruct security industry from information collection, service provision, equipment installation to operation and maintenance, and realizes connection between people and security. . It includes B2B, B2C and C2C. There are producers, service providers and consumers on platform. The roles have changed from a single series mode to a parallel or multidimensional relationship. This interaction is no longer between people, between enterprises. and enterprises. Interaction between people, but interaction between people and data changes previous tactics of human sea, which made enterprises bear huge labor and management costs, and improves efficiency of resource allocation.

According to Easy Security's strategic plan, tens of thousands of customers, security companies, manufacturers, technicians, industry associations and other relevant resources have joined platform. The vast data resources must ensure online and offline integration< /strong> strong>, must land on offline platform of security industry base, to realize seamless connection and integration of online and offline, and adapt to development and strategic requirements of market .

Easy Security rethinks security and maintenance services

Leave professional work to professional people. For security companies and tech professionals, Easy Security means clearer target groups, more engaged and high-quality users, and higher loyalty, resulting in higher repeat purchases, conversion rates, and retention rates. Easy Security can distribute traffic more accurately, and each user becomes a traffic hub (provides more effective advertising value than traditional e-commerce to generate revenue, and can also help merchants sell faster and more accurately).

The future is now, and security services in new era must move towards smart data and big data. If you want to be a leader in security, start with Easy Security!

Simple protection

Accurate positioning: platform order declaration place is clear

Multilink: direct connection between businesses, technicians and users

Transparency and efficiency: transparent pricing and efficient service

Real-time control: entry system positioning, real-time control of standard operations

Standard service: quality is slightly above national standard, and service meets customer satisfaction standard

Control costs: efficient services control labor costs and transparent pricing control capital costs