August 07, 2023

Deceived pyramid of family and friends, but lost door


From January to November of this year, Guangxi Provincial Market Supervision Department and public security organs carried out 4,586 anti-rumour operations, dispatched 93,618 law enforcement officers and 33,092 law enforcement vehicles, and inspected 17,222 venues of activities related to According to rumors, 7,709 dens were destroyed and 33,698 people were repatriated by MLM.


The City of Wuhan issued a schedule for "Suppression of MLM Clearance Measures", which became "the most stringent crackdown order" in Wuhan. From January to August this year, city of Wuhan carried out a "decapitation operation" with pinpoint and pinpoint strikes. Through suppression of gangs and destruction of Internet, 65 cases of pyramid schemes were investigated and considered. Three relevant employees under supervision of Ministry of Public Security were arrested, and a total of 168 employees of pyramid scheme were detained under criminal law.

Deceived pyramid of family and friends, but lost door


On evening of May 17th, Sanhe City's Dachuan Brigade, along with public security, industry and commerce, food and drug administrations, and district governments, dispatched more than 180 law enforcement officers to carry out eighth special operation. Campaign against pyramid schemes, raiding many residential areas in Yanjiao MLM hangouts. A total of 40 pyramid selling dormitories were investigated, 20 pyramid selling employees were arrested, 23 mobile phones used for pyramid selling activities were temporarily detained, and 2,856 yuan in cash was seized.

Why is MLM so hard to catch?

Police officer on front line: Missing a report is one of problems

Contrary to what everyone imagined, arresting pyramid sales personnel and destroying pyramid sales organizations is not easy. There are many ordinary people involved in MLM cases, and few people routinely report case. Ordinary people are most concerned about whether they can get their own money back, whether they get caught by pyramid schemes or not. Combined with brainwashing, many people even support and inform MLM organizations.

Deceived pyramid of family and friends, but lost door

Ordinary people are easily deceived, but can high-ranking intellectuals and elite be kept out of harm's way?

There was information in media that a retired woman judge once again spoke in her own words. Ms. Zhang is 60 years old and retired in 2013. Prior to her retirement, she was a judge in court of North-West region and has been involved in judicial work for 27 years. In fall of 2010, Ms. Zhang took her annual leave and went on vacation to Beihai, Guangxi Province. Unexpectedly, a few days later, MLM staff dragged her into MLM organization and she was quickly brainwashed. The nearly 300,000 yuan that she and her parents saved up so diligently turned out to be in vain, and she nearly lost her life. .

MLM organization

Comprehensive and varied

There are northern and southern MLM organizations, Northern MLM is characterized by violence, often in remote villages, near farmland and forests, hidden and difficult positioning; >Nanpai MLM usually holds classes in official communities or directly rents office buildings and does not restrict personal freedom. What's even more frightening is that they also use family as a unit to brainwash them into looking in and paying attention to "mind control".

Basically block three links of MLM organizations

1. The Bureau of Industry and Commerce investigates and deals with agency companies and leather bag companies in a timely manner.

2. The police station checks MLM organization in a timely manner through effective communication with property and security personnel.

3. The IRS scrutinizes companies with more employees and lower taxes.

The second link is relatively most obvious method.

In most parts of my country, especially in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities, people's understanding of pyramid schemes is far from sufficient, and their awareness of safety of living environment is low. And place where crowd gathers is where MLM takes root.

Deceived pyramid of family and friends, but lost door

Community Safety

"block" iron rice bowl

Intelligent monitoring that makes people happy and worried

Managing home communities is indeed a perennial problem these days. Not only can it not affect daily lives of residents, but it can also provide sufficient control over incoming and outgoing population, and it is also best way to identify suspicious persons. Assuming that status quo of community development is not taken into account, how many residents are willing to pay for these costs in terms of labor and material resources alone?

To set up sharp claws for smart surveillance, people "swipe their faces" to enter stations, shops, and facades. In many public places you could see cameras on all streets and alleys, but probably only when you get a traffic ticket, and only then did I discover its raison d'être, even resentment. In fact, this intelligent monitoring system is a reliable pillar for social security. It can track faces, vehicles, etc. in crowd, and it is real enemy of crime.

Deceived pyramid of family and friends, but lost door

Community monitoring and updates

However, when it comes to daily monitoring of an individual community, monitoring system is out of reach. It's like a big hand that can touch most of China, if it has sharp claws, then criminal organizations will be firmly captured and dug up. This pair of sharp claws should grow in place where intelligent monitoring system cannot penetrate deep - in community. Community sits between public and private space, it is capillary of city that connects private space of each of us, as well as last line of defense for safety.

An old community in Nan'an County, Chongqing City, has taken lead in implementing a high-tech intelligent access control system based on face recognition. Just stand in front of door, point your face at car and beep and door will open in a few seconds. The residents are very satisfied, calls and keys are not needed, it is convenient to use, very "foreign". More importantly, old communities are open, without walls and gates, with face recognition, outsiders cannot enter, data on people entering and leaving is monitored every day, and alarms will be automatically triggered in case of emergency.

Deceived pyramid of family and friends, but lost door

Intellectual security is not far from us

An intelligent access control system identified by artificial intelligence in community is an aspect of intelligent security. Many people know little about security, but under protection of smart security schemes, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities that seriously affect people's lives and social stability, it will become more and more difficult to survive.

When it comes to intellectual security, you should talk about Yianfang. Yianfang is an application that solves security issues, including security process, from information collection, maintenance transactions, equipment installation, to equipment operation and maintenance. It uses Internet to remodel security industry and connect people and security. Professional people are trusted with professional affairs, from building a security system to maintaining a home camera, all this can be solved here in most reasonable way. Good work in field of intellectual security is one of effective means of solving social welfare and governance problems from very beginning.

Deceived pyramid of family and friends, but lost door

Simple protection

Accurate positioning: platform order declaration place is clear

Multilink: direct connection between businesses, technicians and users

Transparency and efficiency: transparent pricing and efficient service

Real-time control: entry system positioning, real-time control of standard operations

Standard service: quality is slightly above national standard, and service meets customer satisfaction standard

Control costs: efficient services control labor costs and transparent pricing control capital costs