August 07, 2023

God knows how important a reliable supplier is before problems arise

Safety is most basic requirement for survival and development of families and even communities. In today's rapid development of information technology, modern security equipment is becoming more advanced and perfect, and application of modern security has penetrated into all corners of our lives.

God knows how important a reliable supplier is before problems arise

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There is no doubt that modern security equipment can better meet today's security needs, and modern security equipment requires more reliable suppliers.

For example, one of ten biggest security events in 2017: Internet of Things surveillance cameras manufactured by Shenzhen Kushi Company were targeted by hackers, and 175,000 security cameras were affected. . According to security provider Bitdefender, affected security cameras can provide surveillance and multiple security solutions, including webcams, sensors, and sirens. Multiple buffer overflow vulnerabilities were found in two surveillance camera models (iDoorbell and NIP-22). Researchers believe that many other camera models are also unsafe because they use same firmware.

God knows how important a reliable supplier is before problems arise

What was supposed to be safe turned out to be a hotbed of danger. With new technologies, new problems will be different from past. This requires us to be open in choosing a supplier, rather than waiting for problems to be fixed.

Most businesses, institutions and families do not have relevant professional knowledge of security equipment and system procurement, security system maintenance and repair, and are easily affected by product unevenness and exaggerated sales. Nowadays, it is especially important to have a professional and objective platform.

God knows how important a reliable supplier is before problems arise

Easy Security is first domestic security platform with multi-point connectivity for entire process, from information collection, service provision, equipment installation to operation and maintenance. Here we are collaborating with nearly 13,000 user data; among cooperative enterprises, 15% of top 100 network enterprises in China and 20% of enterprises that have obtained professional ability certificate of China Security Association; among them, 500 security companies, 1500 registered and certified technicians. If you have security-related needs, just click on your mobile phone, search for "Easy Security" APP in mainstream APP stores, and you can enjoy most professional security services after registering.

Don't influence our choice with a lack of security knowledge. To make life safer, start by finding a trusted provider and trusted platform.

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