August 06, 2023

Security companies want to survive, remember that

According to statistics of authoritative organizations, there are now more than 20,000 enterprises in domestic security industry with a certain scale, with enterprises engaged in implementation of security systems account for majority of share, and most of these enterprises have 50 employees The following SMEs.

Sales in field of security mainly use direct sales or cooperation with engineering companies to promote sales, which account for 67% of share, which can reduce intermediate links and improve turnover for dealers and agents; cooperation between dealers also accounts for a large proportion, with a share of 45%. Because real estate developers directly cooperate with security agents and dealers, real estate companies are also important customers, followed by government public security systems, financial education, transportation and other industry users and others enterprises.

According to statistics from relevant research institutions,the overall performance of security sellers in purchasing channels is average, only 17% are satisfied, 72% of merchants consider purchasing channels to be average, and 11% of enterprises are dissatisfied with current purchasing channels. The channel expressed dissatisfaction.

Security companies want to survive, remember that

For security companies, different scopes of development have different levels of channel satisfaction

1. Among engineering contractors who are satisfied with procurement channels, SMEs with 1-5 million yuan account for 44%, which is vast majority, and large enterprises with more than 10 million yuan are also relatively satisfied with procurement channels, 500-1000 27% is medium enterprises with 10,000 yuan;

2. Most medium-sized enterprises indicated medium-sized procurement channels, and 67% of medium-sized enterprises accounted for 1-5 million yuan;

3. Among enterprises dissatisfied with procurement channels, most enterprises with 1-5 million yuan, accounting for 52%, with 5-10 million yuan - 17%, and with 1 million yuan. and less are 9%.

The security industry has entered a cold winter and life of security companies is becoming increasingly difficult. It is a time of crisis, but big brands repeatedly stab them in back, and they continue to launch low-price low-series products to stir up market. Offline channels are more expensive than online retail. The transfer of production chain and chaotic model continue to give birth to new companies that are turning to Red Sea of ​​front-end security production.

The general monitoring market is a very popular piece of equipment, meaning as long as someone with a bit of tech savvy can do security monitoring, threshold is relatively low. At present, many people in computer business are involved in monitoring, so there are many people involved in security monitoring, and competition must be fierce.

The life of small and medium security companies is difficult, most of them are due to consolidation of industry and result of price wars that have moved to external market. If small and medium enterprises still own customer resources, there is no problem with survival. But reality is often different: client resources of many small and medium-sized security companies, including medium and large enterprises, are rapidly lost.

Security companies want to survive, remember that

In 2016, more than 60% of security manufacturers or dealers are estimated to close their doors and shuffle their cards into deep sea

1. Demand for traditional protective equipment tends to saturate (with exception of household goods).

2. The real estate and security industry are closely linked. The outbreak of real estate market is spring of security industry. Similarly, property closures are also a setback for security industry. In 2015, real estate industry market will definitely reduce start of work, and demand for security products will also be less.

3. In 2016, my country's economy will continue to decline, and government revenues will decline, which will naturally lead to a reduction in investment. Even some so-called "smart city" and "safe city" projects have been taken away by large divisions and large relationships.

4. The fight against corruption in country will continue, so officials will not come at this time to do any housing projects and safe cities, because you understand reason...

5. The popularity of home security products will deal a blow to traditional security systems as internet platforms like and Tmall slowly rob home security products.

6, Hikvision, Dahua, Yushi, Xiongmai and other major players in product market, a few of best, big Evergrande situation will appear on market.

1) Large security companies dominated by Haikang will take advantage of their market advantages to expand entire product line and promote sales and production of ancillary products through main products; The trend towards division of regions is obvious.

2) Develop a complete range of products, take all high, high and low marks, even if you don't make money, you have to ship at a loss because you can't spend all money on stocks. if quarterly inventory report is good.

Security companies want to survive, remember that

7. With popularization of market knowledge and technology, product uniformity is serious, and competition in professional divisions is intensified and expanded, which reduces living space of enterprises and outlet owners in these divisions.

1) In terms of understanding market, one of them is influence of social and economic environment, forcing customers to cut costs, strive for low prices and ignore or be unwilling to introduce new technologies and products, and use only useful Pragmatism; second, development of technology has surpassed level of understanding of customers, and it is impossible to understand development and difference of technology. In other words, cost difference caused by difference in technology is not obvious, so I feel that product functions and performance are similar. In this case, In data circumstances, price factor is a large proportion in product selection process. This is due to lack of market education; Third, sales channels are willing to package and buy goods even if price gap is small, saving cost of purchasing, after-sales service and other links.

2) In terms of technology development and popularization, firstly, lowering threshold will lead to an increase in number of manufacturers, including development of OEM business model and simplification of product assembly. Competition for products of same type and technology in market is tough. The most likely result is a decrease in prices and volumes of exchange; secondly, we used to say that technology updates and iterations are very fast, and competition of everyone is naturally in fight for technology, but now speed of technology development has slowed down. To compete differently, manufacturers have chosen easier concept marketing, as a result, market concepts are flying all over place, customers are confused and do not understand, security manufacturers are also confused. I feel that manufacturer is fooling me. In order not to be fooled, it is natural that cheaper better, even if I am fooled, losses are small.

Currently, security industry has poor overall planning, lack of publicity, and little communication between customers and vendors, resulting in disconnected communications, long delivery cycles, high prices, multiple purchase links, and complicated procedures. Due to intense competition in market, it will be more difficult to carry out extensive marketing without targeted marketing, and satisfaction of market group will not be very high. To satisfy them, a portion of market group with benefits should be targeted. In this way, satisfaction of this part of market group can be significantly improved and core competitiveness of enterprises in industry segment market can be improved.

With major changes in industry, these small and beautiful security companies with precise positioning can still live well

1. TakingConsidering needs of customers, focus is on applications, and product manufacturers who are actively involved in industry applications continuously enhance value of product with deep industry characteristics and targeted solutions.

1) Taking Nanzi Information Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, company can well understand needs of energy industry in process of system integration business development based on experience of energy industry, and carry out corresponding system. research and development to customize software to meet industry requirements for system integration, functional requirements.

2) For example, Blue Star has 12 years of rich experience in financial system. In financial industry, five large state-owned banks, commercial banks and foreign banks are loyal users of company with a high-end market share of over 80%. Previously, Blue Star had rich experience in building networks in financial system, as well as its own unique solutions to meet individual needs of various banks. At same time, Blue Star also launched a more flexible package of general security solutions specifically for needs of financial industry, providing a complete set of solutions from front-end to back-stage, from products to platforms, and even general network control, training, and strategies.

Security companies want to survive, remember that

2. Some companies with advanced and unique technology, such as technology companies with core chips and technical solutions in people flow statistics, video analysis, face recognition, etc., can also get good results

3. Enterprises that have adopted Internet relatively early and thoroughly, such as Internet security companies such as Joan and Vostar.

4. Many users are placing increasing demands on enterprises to integrate security systems during system build. Only engineering companies with full qualifications, strong technical capabilities, implementation capabilities and project management capabilities, as well as good industry and market contacts can obtain customer approval.

5. Small to medium security companies with strong connections and channel capabilities hold certain hips and can still seek living space within a certain range.

Faced with this major turning point, what should security companies do that have nothing to do with above?

1. To lose weight, you can save money on people, things, materials, equipment, advertising and other expenses. You must remember that life is more important than everything else.

2. You can participate in event, but you will not have overstocking. When selling, you need to carry several sets with you, and if price is high, then you don’t need to. What brand is cheaper to recommend.

3. Please check model number on major online platforms such as Taobao, Ali, and Tmall before purchasing and compare lowest prices. If there is no profit, do not buy.

4. Another query method is to directly inquire about a particular brand and category, look up prices for similar models, pick up item if there is a profit, and pick up item online if there is no profit.

5. You can search for brand manufacturer, OEM model, to avoid affecting price of products of same model in market.

6. Cooperate with other security companies, communicate with each other and resist to end actions that infringe on interests of security companies.

7. Tax Coordination

8. The model determines efficiency, rethink your business model

9. Improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty to drive sales

10. Take full advantage of power of Internet.

11. The real turning point is increasing efficiency and emphasizing value based on customer needs.

12. Without profit there is no service, without service there is no reputation.

13. Simple security help

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