August 06, 2023

After-sales service is next civilian security hotspot

So far, China's civilian security market accounts for only 6% of total security market output value, while United States is world's leading security market, and civilian market's output value is more than 50% of total volume of production, world average is also about 10%. My country's per capita spending on security products is far behind developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, which is 1/9 of United Kingdom and 1/7 of United States. Compared with neighboring countries, including South Korea, there is also a large gap, only 1/5 of South Korea.

It is obvious that, judging by situation in overseas civil security market, domestic civil security has a huge potential for future development, and individual users have a huge potential demand for home security products. As for our country, the door of domestic home security market has just opened, and industry is still in its infancy, which is fertile ground that has yet to be explored.

After-sales service is next civilian security hotspot

Based on reliability of underlying network and popularity of concepts such as Internet of Things and smart homes, people are placing higher demands on smart home products and home security. The prices of civilian security products and related services are getting closer and closer to people. From former high performance smart security systems that cost tens of thousands of yuan to current security equipment that can be purchased for tens or hundreds of yuan, people have more flexible choices.

There are many who want a share of civilian security pie. No wonder security companies can see low cost, ease of operation and good looks. The last trump card for a full-fledged occupation of civil security.

Someone who is good at after-sales service can attract more loyal customers and capture more and more market share. Looking at status quo of domestic security companies, vast majority of companies have not raised their after-sales service to height they deserve. Many companies talk about services, but is there a place in civil security market with such cheap prices for services?

Most consumers buy a protective product thinking they'll try it first. For colleagues who demand quality and quality of product itself, after-sales service is an important part of maintaining a good customer. In China's security market, most of them are small and micro enterprises, so it is unrealistic to distribute after-sales service points in every city, as Huawei and Xiaomi do in mobile phone market. At present, a professional security operation and maintenance platform is needed to fulfill such after-sales needs.

Actually, it is not easy to find a national security company recognized by public as an offline company, and it is more reasonable to look for a large network platform as support.

After-sales service is next civilian security hotspot

For example, Yianfang, which implements advanced security management, is digitizing technicians on platform and bringing them online. Thus, installation, operation and maintenance of civil security systems become more intuitive and objective for consumers. The intervention of a third-party platform will greatly increase consumer confidence in security products and relieve them of anxiety.

Third Party Platform - Benefits of Yianfang's involvement in civil security


Small and micro security enterprises have limited funds, and their after-sales service is difficult to extend to whole country, and online market is an important sales channel for small and micro security enterprises. Once this nationwide product is released, aftermarket cost of money and time will rise exponentially. Easy Security is China's professional security and service platform covering whole country. There are 500 security companies and 15,000 technicians registered and certified. It is a professional software for security industry. By partnering with a large platform like Yianfang, security companies can be assured and customers can feel more at ease.


Simple security monitoring is entrance, and finally it covers 15 weak electronic systems. Whether it is smart home or network monitoring, you can find relevant installation, operation and maintenance services on platform. Let flow of information, business flow and capital flow, complemented by an online monitoring and evaluation engine, optimize entire business production chain, and you only need one platform to enjoy a full range of security services worry-free.


Easy Security Service Management and Control Service implements advanced management, and usage process is very standardized, process is transparent, node records are detailed, and division of responsibilities is clear. Even if there is a problem, you can quickly find appropriate node, avoiding a lot of unnecessary hassle.

After-sales service is next civilian security hotspot

Civil security after-sales service is a virgin land that security companies do not pay much attention to today. majority of users and win reputation of users. The sale of civil security products is not a one-time deal, only by supporting each user who makes a transaction can we achieve effect of spreading word and take a place in civil security industry!

China's No. 1 Security and Maintenance Platform - Simplicity

Easy Security is first company to offer granular control using definitions, classifications and data. Targeted and accurate services, creating a database, quantifying factors and indicators that affect quality, efficiency and cost of services one by one, and realizing digitization of service capabilities. Repair, maintenance, construction, shipping, door-to-door delivery, process, disposal, reporting and communication, valuation, etc. will all be digitized. We will revolutionize industry and change traditions.

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