August 06, 2023

About how security guards make money, here is everything you want to know!

The security industry is experiencing explosive growth. How do security professionals make money? What is simple security? How to make money in Yangfan? Next, Yianfang's nine questions and nine answers will give you answer!

About how security guards make money, here is everything you want to know!

1. What is Yi An Fang?

Easy Security is first platform to provide internal security operation and maintenance services, including information collection, maintenance operations, equipment installation for operation and maintenance of whole process, multipoint security industry. Easy Security APP includes a technical terminal and a client terminal. For security professionals, security companies and customers who need security, you can find related services in Easy Security.

Second, what kind of security work can Easy Security do?

Easy Security uses security monitoring as an input, and finally covers 15 weak electronic systems: CCTV system, anti-theft system, building automation system, communication and network system, multifunctional conference room and VOD system. , card access control system, EAS system, LED display system, integrated wiring system, background music and public address system, electronic patrol system, parking management system, paging and video intercom system, cable and satellite TV system, large screen and splicing display system. Professional specialists of any of above systems can use Easy Security to receive orders and earn money.

3. Does Easy Security charge for services of security specialists?

Easy Security is completely free for security professionals. The platform does not take a commission for door-to-door delivery paid by client in order. After order is completed, entire amount will be transferred to security specialist.

4. How can security professionals make money with Easy Security?

1. Search and download Easy Security Technician APP from major app stores

2. Open APP, enter your personal information, complete registration, enter your detailed personal information, and complete Technician Certification.

3. You can create a team or join an existing one

4. After passing certification of a technician, you can start order acceptance mode and wait for order to be sent

5. How much money can I make with Easy Security?

Depending on factors such as region, workload, and level of technicians, it is difficult to determine how much money can be made in Yangfang. However, Easy Security does not force security specialists to accept orders, and specialists themselves can decide whether to enable order acceptance status according to their actual situation. In general, building a team makes it easier to get orders, more orders received, higher level and more money you can earn.

6. How to withdraw earnings in Yianfang?

When a customer submits an order on Yianfang platform, they pay for door-to-door shipping onplatform. Different regions have different rates for door-to-door delivery. After security technician receives and completes order, door-to-door delivery fee will be transferred to security technician's personal wallet. On 1st and 15th of each month, funds from a personal wallet can be withdrawn to Alipay or WeChat, withdrawal amount must be more than 10 yuan.

7. What are requirements for security specialists?

After security specialist registers and logs into Easy Security platform for first time, he needs to pass technician certification. After passing certification, he can open order acceptance status. In addition, Yianfang platform will allocate orders according to details and qualifications of information you provide. The more detailed and higher level, larger order quantity.

8. How does Easy Security platform ensure that legitimate rights and interests of security professionals are respected?

Easy Security implements granular control. Security technicians have appropriate records of platform operations for each step of actual installation and maintenance. From moment of arrival at client, each step of operation must be recorded on platform before order. is put. Ready. On one hand, this allows you to standardize work process of security specialists, and on other hand, to avoid disputes in future.

9. What should I do if there is a problem after receiving order?

You can call Yianfang's official phone number at 400-890-9280 to get in touch and resolve issue.