August 05, 2023

Do you have six types of certificates that weak people can get?

Do you have six types of certificates that weak people can get?

If you want to make any achievements in low current industry, you must have a professional qualification certificate. Today we will summarize low current related qualification certificates.


Builder's Certificate

Level 1 Constructor

It's called Yijian for short. Getting a top-notch civil engineer is a prerequisite to becoming leader of a large-scale engineering project. In a weakly current industry, first level civil engineer certificate is most important, and certificate is universal throughout country.

Do you have six types of certificates that weak people can get?

The First Level Civil Engineer Examination is usually registered in April and May each year. The exam implements a national unified structure, unified proposals and a unified organizational system. It is jointly organized and conducted by Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of Construction. The exam is held once a year. Pass 4 exams in exam cycle to effectively obtain a certificate. Professional and technical personnel involved in construction activities must obtain a first-class civil engineer qualification certificate before they can officially work.

Comparatively, passing Yijian certificate is most difficult. Laws and regulations, affairs and project management are relatively simple. It is difficult, most formulas and calculations are available, and content is largely related to finance. However, while test is passed, salary will be significantly increased.

Constructor 2

Referred to as second construct. Obtaining a level two civil engineer is a prerequisite for a one-man project manager. In low voltage industry, this certificate is most common, and certificate is universal in province.

The Second Level Civil Engineer Certificate is issued by Ministry of Construction. It is renewed every three years by an affiliated company (practice). Compared to first construction, second construction is much easier to check. For Term It was once called a project manager. It is an essential certificate, and at same time it has many uses. Whether it is finding a job or contracting a project, it is very useful.

Do you have six types of certificates that weak people can get?

The difference between first and second constructs

In terms of overarching meaning and overarching functions, second-level constructor is similar to first-level constructor. In general, there are two points as follows.

1. Civil engineers of first and second level can perform functions of construction project managers in construction enterprises of appropriate qualification; Registered builders can take on responsibility of person in charge of small and medium construction projects.

Secondly, it differs from amount of construction work that can be done: first-level civil engineers can be engaged in construction, road construction, railway construction, civil aviation airport construction, port and waterway construction, water conservancy and hydropower . mechanical engineering, public utilities, communications and radio and television Mechanical engineering, mining, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, etc. electromechanics.


Certificate Project Manager for Computer Systems Integration

Senior Project Manager

Project Manager

For these two certifications, individuals are not eligible to enroll in exam. They are issued by Ministry of Information Industry in form of a company and after participating in training. At present, Ministry of Information Industry organizes very little training, so certificates are rare and mostly replaced by civil engineer certificates in use. It turned out to audit every 2 years and update certificate every 4 years.


Professional certification certificates for each subsystem

There are many low current subsystems, about 30, such as monitoring system, network system, telephone, TV, radio, anti-theft alarm, etc.

Each subsystem certificate

Each subsystem certificate undergoes training organized by some public organizations. After passing exam, you can be issued a professional certificate. Valid in general industry. Good for salary increase.

Do you have six types of certificates that weak people can get?

Certificates of well-known public organizations

For example, Association of Technical Protection Bureaus organizes security certificates. In company registration form, individuals are sent to participate in training exams.

The pass rate is high, certificate belongs to company, and company will reward you after passing exam, which will help increase your salary

Certificate of Innovation

He is also trained and tested by community organizations. Generally, if you participate in training, you can get certified. This certificate is usually owned by company, and there are preferential tax breaks for high-tech companies. Accordingly, company will also reward individuals.


Personal Certificate for Social Enterprise

For example, if your company is a small and micro enterprise, and there is a government support plan at place of registration, then company staff can enroll in training in various skills, and then issue a certificate. This certificate relates to nature of company and has additional points for bidding on company.

The more people in company who have received this certificate, it means that company has strength, and there are corresponding points for bidding.


Certificate issued by Fortune 500 companies

For example, relevant certificates certified by Huawei, H3C, Cisco and other companies, network engineers, system architects, web engineers, etc., such as ccna, ccnp, ccie, etc. issued by Cisco.

Do you have six types of certificates that weak people can get?

These are certificates issued by well-known companies after they asked questions. In general, gold and silver medal agency companies must cite training and examinations. The gold content of these certificates is also very good. This kind of certificate is very useful for job search and employment. For example, they have passed Huawei network engineers and other network equipment. Companies very profitable to find a job.

Getting a networking certificate is not easy, so if you have a certificate in this field and go to work, your salary will not be low, basically monthly salary is more than 10,000 yuan.