August 05, 2023

When you have security needs, you should consider Easy Security first!

When you have security needs, you should consider Easy Security first!

As security needs of today's society are ever-increasing, how can we find security products and services that are right for us? What is simple security? What can this do for me? After reading following eight questions and eight answers, let you use Yi An Fang to transform yourself from beginner to security expert!

1. What is Easy Security?

Easy Security is a SaaS-based business security network management platform. It is first domestic industry security platform with multipoint connections, covering entire process: from information collection, maintenance transactions, equipment installation to operation and maintenance. Easy Security focuses on research, development, and use of Internet for contracting, installation, operation, maintenance, and technical support. Easy Security includes a technical terminal and a client terminal. For security professionals, security companies and customers who need security, you can find corresponding services in Easy Security.

Second, under what circumstances do I need Easy Security?

Whether in production or life, all aspects of work related to security can be realized with Easy Security.

Easy Security uses security monitoring as an input, and finally covers 15 weak electronic systems: CCTV system, anti-theft system, building automation system, communication and network system, multifunctional conference room and VOD system. , card access control system, EAS system, LED display system, integrated wiring system, background music and public address system, electronic patrol system, parking management system, paging and video intercom system, cable and satellite TV system, large screen and splicing display system.

Easy Security is focused on delivering best customer experience by helping customers realize business and technology integration, full lifecycle control of security equipment, and transparency in maintenance and construction management processes.

3. What are benefits of Easy Security?

Easy Security is first home security and maintenance platform. About 13,000 user data cooperate, China's top 100 network enterprises cover 15%, 500 security companies and 1,500 technicians registered and certified, China Security Association professional ability certification companies cover 20%. More than 120,000 pages of maintenance report data were added daily; cumulative number of structured service calls reached 450,000+. Easy Security focuses on online orders by opening an online channel forinstallation, operation and maintenance of security, complemented by an Internet supervision and evaluation mechanism, objectively, comprehensively and fairly, providing a big data security platform and protecting interests of all participants to maximum.

4. How can I choose right security professional with Easy Security?

1. Search and download Yianfang client APP from major app stores

2. Open APP, enter your personal information and complete registration

3. When safety operation and maintenance services are required, select options such as "I want to report a repair, I want to apply for installation and I want to design" and submit required order

4. Make an advance payment for door-to-door delivery, and system will select right security specialist according to information

5. Engage security professionals for specific services

6. After order is completed, prepayment for door-to-door delivery will be transferred to account of security specialist, and client will rate and comment on service

7. The actual cost of operation and maintenance is paid by offline customer and security specialist

5. How much is YiAnfang worth?

Easy Security only charges for door-to-door delivery, and specific door-to-door delivery charges vary by region. Costs incurred during installation, operation and maintenance are paid offline and agreed between customer and security specialist without passing through platform.

6. What should I do if I am not satisfied with work of a security specialist?

You can call Yianfang hotline at 400-890-9280 to complain to a technician. The Easy Security platform will take appropriate penalties for technicians, and at same time issue appropriate compensation to customers.

7. Will Easy Security disclose customer information?

Of course not! The Easy Security platform uses https encryption protocol to transfer information and performs secondary encryption of sensitive information such as usernames and passwords to keep user information secure.

8. How does E-Antiway guarantee legitimate rights and interests of customers?

1. The Easy Security platform does not charge any commission. The door-to-door delivery fee, pre-paid by customer, will be transferred to account of security specialist upon completion of order.

2. Easy Security Big Data will select most suitable security specialists for clients. On platform, you can see qualifications of technicians and status of previous orders.

3. If you have any problems, you can call hotline 400-890-9280 and contact Yianfang platform customer service to solve problem.