August 04, 2023

There is no future in sight, 1/3 of the security personnel are fleeing!

“The profit from camera is only a dozen yuan,” an old guard who has worked in security industry for many years told us, “Many people do not want to do this and change jobs.”

The owner of security company described it like this: “I have accompanied security company since making huge profits. Since industry boomed in 2008, each security product cost thousands of yuan before and only a dozen yuan in later period. A lot of people don't want to do that."

The veteran security veteran, who asked not to be named, said that in his circle of acquaintances, at least 60% of security manufacturers have left market or were seeking to transform.

There is no future in sight, 1/3 of the security personnel are fleeing!

In today's marketplace, competitive pressures are intensifying, information is highly asymmetric, and issues such as inability to receive orders, low order prices, and difficult checkouts plague most security personnel. In front of every security professional, disproportionate salaries and income are also confusing more and more security professionals: what should future security professionals do?

Some people chose to run away, while others chose to stay. Meet scorching sun at construction site, do not be afraid of wind and rain, climb high poles and dig trenches; in office, read blueprints, punctuate, select products, and calculate offers; in lab, define requirements, draw diagrams, type codes, and test bugs... In small ways, we contribute to safety of others, and in large ways, to safety of society. The painstaking effort and sweat on path to security must be more than flowers and applause that only security personnel can understand. Security is a wonderful industry and people who work in security are wonderful people too, but how should security guards behave in today's situation?

There is no future in sight, 1/3 of the security personnel are fleeing!

The answer is: China's #1 security and maintenance platform is Easy Security. Easy Security is an industry platform that covers entire process of information collection, service provision, equipment installation, operation and maintenance, and multipoint connection. Use Internet to realize reconstruction of security industry and realize connection between people and security. There are producers, service providers and consumers on platform. This connection makes transactions more cost-effective and efficient. The roles have changed from a single series mode to a parallel or multidimensional relationship. This kind of interaction is no longer between people and people Interaction between enterprises and enterprises, as well as interaction between people and data, increases efficiency of resource allocation. Easy Security creates a platform for job supply and demand of technicians and alignment of project resources, providing technicians with a large number of positions, achieving rapid efficiency gains, greatly reducing industry operating cost losses, and solving difficulty of security professionals in obtaining orders.