August 03, 2023

The traditional security + new platform mode appears, and efficiency is improved more than a little.

The development of security has entered exploration stage. China's smart security industry reached 30 billion in 2018, and is expected to approach 100 billion in 2020. However, "2018 China Security and AI Industry Development Report" shows that traditional security companies still occupy about 90% of security market, and outside world shows higher loyalty to traditional security companies. It is unrealistic for all traditional security companies to master new security technologies at same time. new challenge for development of security theme.

The traditional security + new platform mode appears, and efficiency is improved more than a little.

Disadvantages of traditional security

First, work efficiency is poor.

Traditional security is associated with phenomenon of isolated islands of information. The data cannot be automatically exchanged with cloud big data in real time. Taking full advantage of big data, it is necessary to manually filter data when searching, which significantly reduces efficiency of user experience.

Secondly, sales volume is low.

Because intelligent security replaces living space of traditional security. Most security companies are in a state of taking orders across country, and decline in overall business volume has reduced employment opportunities.

Third, profits are low.

The popularity of protective equipment has led to a further reduction in profits, especially to accelerate modernization of high-tech products, which even led to lower prices for old products. Many companies have to let their profits fall into payback order over and over again.

Fourthly, development is difficult.

Although two leading security companies, Hikvision and Dahua, are not small in size, small and micro enterprises with less than 50 employees account for more than 60% of market. Small and micro enterprises, which lack competitiveness, do not master core technologies, and it is difficult to predict trend of rapid development of market, it is not easy to survive, and even more difficult to develop.

The traditional security + new platform mode appears, and efficiency is improved more than a little.

New platform brings new life

In order to survive and develop, it is clearly inappropriate for security companies and practitioners to devote themselves to research, development and promotion of "Internet +", it is more important to find a development path that suits them. Yianfang offers a development direction for those who want to change but don't know how to change.

Extensive client resources, precise matching of requests

Relying on personal connections and offline transactions can no longer meet security needs of today's supply and demand sides, and restrictions and services of online service platforms are better able to adapt to today's changes. Easy Security is China's first PaaS security operation and maintenance platform, which has attracted rich customer resources with its professionalism. In addition, Easy Security also applies most advanced cloud computing to security services, intelligently matches customer needs with capabilities of security companies or technicians, allocates resources as a whole, and provides optimal solutions for decision makers. requirements.

Simplify industry's security chain and improve efficiency

Easy Security starts with information gathering, service transactions, equipment installation, operation and maintenance process, multipoint connections and other aspects to realize interaction between people and data. Turn complex processes into simple conditional input, store and analyze data and provide necessary content at any time, making entire security process more efficient, saving labor and material costs, achieving rapid improvement in efficiency and effective management.

Advanced governance for digital security

Easy Security realizes improved management, builds a massive data collection, aggregation, analysis and maintenance system, and realizes complete digitalization of security industry. Using security big data as core and big data management platform as foundation, optimize operation of security industry, complement each other for a mutually beneficial situation and develop in a coordinated manner, and realize all-round security industry from point of view to line, from line to surface, and then from surface to three-dimensional development.

The traditional security + new platform mode appears, and efficiency is improved more than a little.

A company owner registered with Yianfang introduced: Since Yianfang's application, company's management has become easier, staff has been streamlined, but efficiency has improved. More importantly, Yianfang's customer resources have brought new business opportunities to company. Now, each order of company brings 5-20% more profit than before, and a branch office is currently planned. This is wisest decision to cooperate with Easy Security.

More and more traditional security companies and practitioners are now joining E-Ant, and influence of this traditional security model + new platform is spreading like a carpet.