August 03, 2023

In addition to AI, there is still "fat" in security industry that no one pays attention to

When it comes to development of today's security, most people will focus on application of AI in this industry, but since AI is most advanced product of technological development, not every security guard can get a share of project. In addition to AI, there is also a security road suitable for development of public, which is a piece of fat that no one pays attention to - operation and maintenance security services.

Operating and maintaining security is last link that users face directly. This link plays an extremely important role in continuous operation of security projects and has become an integral part of security industry. With growing demand from government departments to build safe cities and smart cities, amount of security equipment has doubled exponentially in recent years. These growing needs and backlog of safety equipment have presented new opportunities and challenges for safety and maintenance.

In addition to AI, there is still "fat" in security industry that no one pays attention to

Problems faced by security and maintenance teams

Standards not unified, interface protocols not open

Current security products are extremely rich in variety, and it can be said that hundreds of flowers are blooming. Communication protocols between different products are not completely related, and equipment from different manufacturers of same product is also very different. Manufacturers of security products are mixed. Some security product interface protocols are based on how manufacturer has low production costs. Many small producers have gone bankrupt or closed in face of fierce competition in recent years. Once there is a problem with products provided by these manufacturers, it will be resolved quickly.Very difficult.

The demand for network is growing, and intensity of operation and maintenance is increasing

At present, many enterprises are no longer content with networking with local security systems, but are conducting large-scale network monitoring at provincial or even country level through a centralized control center. can intuitively realize vertical control and data exchange, to ensure timeliness, accuracy, reliability and traceability of control. Such a security system imposes increased requirements on technical level of operating and maintenance personnel.

Few professional O&M service providers

As well as security system design requirements, maintenance and operation elements also have corresponding skill and level requirements. Those enterprises with weak technical strength and lack of experience in project implementation and management are unlikely to take on the operation and maintenance of large-scale security systems in important departments. For some key projects, there are not enough O&M teams that can take orders.

In addition to AI, there is still "fat" in security industry that no one pays attention to

The development direction of security and maintenance

Introducing O&M Outsourcing Model

With large-scale and large-scale networking of security system, in future, maintenance of security system will become more and more large-scale and complex." To ensure quality of overall operation and maintenance, you can consider outsourcing operation and maintenance, as well as transferring various relationships to a professional operation and maintenance team. This can not only reduce problem of lack of monitoring specialists in user departments, but also greatly reduce burden on management staff. Improve overall security industry experience and get higher user satisfaction. It will also become a major trend in development of security industry.

Create a unified management platform

In terms of development of operation and maintenance of security system, its management mode is gradually developing from extensive to intensive, especially establishment of a unified management platform. By building a unified operation and maintenance management platform, integrating ever-expanding social resources, realizing horizontal and vertical management, and meeting ever-increasing security, operation and maintenance needs of enterprises. The management platform can be used to access most of product brands in market. And it can control common functions of most products, and can work in regions all over country, making entire operation and maintenance system with reliable compatibility and throughput.

From a professional point of view, Yianfang launched by is such a security and maintenance platform.

Easy Security has established a fault occurrence database, a fault cause analysis database and a solution database, and will continue to improve technical expert database, construction quality node database, material supply database, maintenance expert evaluation database, workforce planning. established database, basic databases of standardized operations, such as equipment life cycle dynamic record database, provide and support operational operations of maintenance technicians, refine cost structure, dynamically increase or decrease staff at any time, save material and labor costs, reduce and avoid unnecessary expenses of customers and improve efficiency of use of funds.

In addition to AI, there is still "fat" in security industry that no one pays attention to

1. Digitization of safety equipment information

Based on "Security Dictionary" database, product identification data can be intelligently identified from first step of entering security equipment. Easy Security also provides historical transaction data, transparent pricing, information changes, and bounce rates. Standardized information, to a certain extent, solves problems of non-standardized, opaque and fake products in security services industry, promotes structured and non-selective exchange of information in security industry, and helps consumers make effective decisions.

2. Digitization of user needs

Relying on end-users such as PC, APP, and Yianfang mobile, as well as daily operations of 1.5 million offline employees and 10,000 enterprises, Yianfang will process a large amount of dynamic user data and data about transactions. . Recording a series of online and offline user behavior data such as user gender and age, enterprise type, installation and maintenance records, and equipment failure information using big data model calculations, analyzing and presenting user characteristics and demand preferences , and, finally, forming a dynamic group of users Portraits and portraits of personal needs. With user profiles, Easy Security can better understand consumer needs, customize user security services, and achieve precise matching.

3. Digitization of industry services

In field of maintenance and installation, through collection and application of big data, Easy Security provides consumers with operational analysis and decision support services. Digital analysis identifies user pain points and warranty gaps, and provides feedback to improve quality of service. These digital systems are a huge advantage for development of industry. For enterprises, on one hand, application of big data can help enterprises better understand industry and market dynamics, understand environment and competitors, provide products and services more comprehensively and efficiently, effectively control resources, and deeply understand customer needs. . For users, buyer can gain a better understanding of target product and at same time use data application to provide effective decision support.

In addition to AI, there is still "fat" in security industry that no one pays attention to

In future, whoever controls users will be able to survive and evolve. How many people you provide and how many services you provide will determine your value. For most astute businessmen, secret to making money is to satisfy needs of human nature.

Offer products that meet user needs and expand services to solve user problems. The more users bother themselves, more they have to do it, happier they are. Because that is where your value lies. Following trend, relying on a high-quality platform such as YiAnfang, and executing business development strategy well, you can eat fat of security operation and maintenance well.