August 02, 2023

Take a Look at Security Industry: Give Yourself a Powerful Opportunity

Take a Look at Security Industry: Give Yourself a Powerful Opportunity

I am a weak electrician with fifteen years of experience

No permanent job

Only take on odd jobs

I've done a good job over past few years

I can accept jobs all over country

Mostly in field all year round

But in last two years, the competition has become more and more fierce

Life is not what it used to be

Now my sister-in-law is pregnant with her second child

Parents get old too

They want me to be stable locally

Actually, I think I have a pretty good specialty

After all, I have some experience

But if I don't change jobs and travel

My income will be halved

Now I'm completely confused

——Zhao, weak electrician

Take a Look at Security Industry: Give Yourself a Powerful Opportunity

In fact, there are many people like Xiao Zhao. They are burdened by dual pressures of work and family and are looking for some living space in an ever-changing market environment. Some say that security industry is next real estate industry, some say that security industry will become a key area of ​​technological development, and some say that security industry has entered a golden age of development... But for most extensive specialists on security such as Xiao Zhao, how can they? The most practical question is how to get more orders and how to make more money.

Effort is required, but method must be correct

The starting point of security industry is low. As long as people are not stupid, willing to learn and endure hardships, even if they are new to industry, they can earn 100 yuan a day as apprentices. It is this job that seems to be available to everyone, which leads to extremely fierce competition in industry, and finding a job has become a key moment.

In fact, with development of security technology and application of new products, gap between senior security professionals will become larger and larger. Only by constantly strengthening our own technical capabilities can we stay in this industry to end. If you want to be a good security professional, you need to work hard! However, just hard work cannot guarantee a smooth security experience. Mastering additional ways to get orders is also one of essential skills for security technicians.

Many people say that connections are very important. Indeed, in China's unique national circumstances, connections are especially important in many ways. As they say, many friends have many paths, but if it's an introvert and a dumb security guard, then isn't there a place to survive?

Take a Look at Security Industry: Give Yourself a Powerful Opportunity

The answer is no. With development of security technology, installation, operation and maintenance of security products have also developed by leaps and bounds. From traditional offline methods such as technical support from manufacturers, introduction of dating, physical stores, auctions, etc., developed to stage of security sharing online big data platform, Yi Security is such a platform.

We turn abilities, qualifications, experience, etc. of every security professional into data and store it on our security platform. All customers who have security needs can be matched with most suitable security professionals from this platform. Then at this time, security technician will get closest and most suitable vacancy for him.

With Easy Security, security professionals' concern when receiving orders will be to make it easier for them to select. Having higher qualifications, work experience, honorary certificates, grades... These data, which really measure ability of security professionals, are most powerful capital of security professionals.

Give yourself a powerful opportunity by joining Yianfang.

China's No. 1 Security and Maintenance Platform - Simplicity

Easy Security is first company to offer granular control using definitions, classifications and data. Targeted and accurate services, creating a database, quantifying factors and indicators that affect quality, efficiency and cost of services one by one, and realizing digitization of service capabilities. Repair, maintenance, construction, shipping, door-to-door delivery, process, disposal, reporting and communication, valuation, etc. will all be digitized. We will revolutionize industry and change traditions.