August 02, 2023

Do you know when your webcam will break?

Do you know when your webcam will break?

In 2016, a man died suddenly while swimming in a swimming club in Guangzhou. Family members requested security video to understand truth about incident.

Coincidentally, at end of January 2019, a man from Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, lost tens of thousands of items while spending time in a hotel.

Do you know when your webcam will break?

Video surveillance is an important technical means of preventing a breach of security, as well as an important form of evidence for reconstructing scene and establishing truth after a dispute has arisen. Monitoring equipment has characteristics of objectivity, neutrality, continuity, integrity and credibility, and its role in examining facts and determining responsibility is clear. However, whenever suspicious incidents occur and citizens need to know objective truth and protect their legitimate rights and interests, monitoring failures occur as expected.

Over and over again, failure tracking shows that most people think that just installing a camera is enough, but daily operation and maintenance is basis for a normal camera operation. It's not that camera needs to be fixed when it's broken, it needs daily maintenance. Don't challenge camera limits just because you saved a small amount of money once. Each major maintenance is much more expensive than a few repairs.

Do you know when your webcam will break?

4 aspects of monitoring system daily maintenance

1. Keep your equipment safe and stable

Deterioration over time is normal for electronic equipment. In order to ensure normal operation of equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to increase in number of spare parts, comprehensive experience, manufacturer's recommendations and equipment performance, and purchase key backup equipment. And check wear parts in daily life and replace them when performance is affected.

2. Comprehensive overview of system functions

In a certain period, it is necessary to conduct a system-wide functional test of monitoring system. Troubleshooting and restoration of functionality should be carried out in time to identify hidden hazards found during inspection process.

3. Maintain working environment of equipment

A well thought-out environment helps extend equipment life and reduce operating and maintenance costs. Environmental factors include temperature, humidity, dust, voltage, etc., including following:

1) If there is a lot of dust inside case of any key equipment, plan to open it for cleaning;

2) The power system is also considering scheduled insulation and earth resistance testing and replacement of aging cables;

3) Camera lenses and signals that directly affect operation of monitoring equipment must be cleaned regularly;

4) Check and update equipment control unit interface for aging and falling off;

5) Maximize number of spare parts to reduce equipment maintenance time.

4. Improving Data Accuracy

As requirements for maintenance work continue to grow, we will take lead in checking equipment cable connection comparison data in future maintenance. To adjust connection, labels and drawings need to be updated; on other hand, through This work allows after-sales service technicians to understand flow of system information and connection more clearly and in detail, which is very useful for quick troubleshooting.

Do you know when your webcam will break?

How to properly operate and maintain a monitoring system

The operation and maintenance of monitoring system is a highly professional job, and it is right to choose most professional operation and maintenance personnel.


If equipment is covered by a warranty period, it is best to ask manufacturer to perform scheduled maintenance on equipment. Original parts and technicians belonging to equipment manufacturer are "aware" of equipment, and cost-effectiveness of free maintenance is also highest.


If your equipment is out of warranty, you need to choose a reliable security company or team.

Easy Security is first home security and maintenance platform. To prevent chaos in market, such as late maintenance, unreliable quality of service, irregular maintenance procedures, and unreasonable service prices, Ease Security engages various security companies and practitioners. Personnel register and access Internet for free. At same time, a large number of service personnel with excellent quality and skills are recruited and trained to solve security problems faster, more professionally and more efficiently.

Easy Security Platform is first company in industry to develop a set of practical solutions for security procedures. Using maintenance application, users can use photos and text to describe status of their equipment (because usually workers and users Conversations between users are always led by users who do not understand professional terms, and workers cannot clearly understand situation), companies that use LBS to address service needs of security industry.

When user needs it, open software to take a picture of problem with device, write a short description and address, and send it to a convenient repair platform; Yianfang client application can help user to search and find at least three nearest online technicians, view technician's name, photo, previous service rating, professional experience, etc., and can directly contact technician, and user decides who to choose.

For customers, platform's quick response mode, standard maintenance process, fair and reasonable price of services, and guaranteed operation and maintenance quality assurance help it solve problem of convenience, timely search for specialists and comparison of several people, service. comparison, process control, after-sales service, safety assurance and many other issues, technicalThe technical service is more timely, which greatly improves efficiency.

Do you know when your webcam will break?

Everything will be fine after security camera is installed and someone has to manage it, and it needs to be managed well. Relying on Yianfang, professional people do professional things, so every second of every camera can make a difference!