August 02, 2023

A successful person with a million in annual income teaches you how to grow into an industry god

1. Find out scope of project.

2. Understand complexity of each component of project.

3. Consider how long it will take to complete each component of project.

4. Become familiar with performance characteristics and strengths of your colleagues and set goals in a targeted manner.

A successful person with a million in annual income teaches you how to grow into an industry god

5. There must be a clear division of labor so that everyone clearly knows what work he has to do. So everyone has a certain sense of responsibility. External pressure is always uncomfortable, and only if you know how to work hard can you do your job well.

6. There should be no gray areas in distribution of work. The gray area is equal to empty area and no one will do this in future.

7. Strictly control time node, it is best to specify each job and everyone. No one wants to work overtime all night last two days and be exhausted, so early stage must be controlled and strictly controlled!

8. What work needs to be completed, at what stage, if skipped, work in progress will be increased.

9. Find a reference sample and give everyone a final assessment of quality of perception: it can only be better than this, this is principle.

10. I often look forward to all bright prospects, such as opportunity to take a vacation after work is completed or win more bonuses. It can effectively relax mind and unconsciously improve quality of work. Waiting for plum blossom quenches thirst, anticipation of refreshment.

11. Report progress and production success to your supervisor as quickly as possible, ask for advice, and do some useless work. So with all your might, then give up and exhale three times. Useless work most of all affects combat capability and working conditions.

A successful person with a million in annual income teaches you how to grow into an industry god

12. Don't worry about it, idiot.

13. Let leader know what everyone is doing, and let everyone know that leader knows what everyone is doing.

14. Comrades should help in time when they encounter difficulties. Small troubles become big troubles if they are delayed for a long time.

15. See truth in details. In fact, there is nothing difficult in everyday work.

16. Try to report as much good news as possible, not bad news. Leaders don't like to hear difficult words. If there are really difficult problems that cannot be solved, difficulties cannot be handed over to manager as they are, but at least a few solutions should be offered to him to choose from.

17. When time comes to command, be decisive. There can be no authority and there can be no authority.

18. Don't say what you can say or don't say, and don't say anything if you don't know what to say.

19. It does not matter that level is low, main thing is to be serious and responsible. It's easy to be serious and responsible, but right now it's hardest thing to do at work. Leaders cannot use a person of a not very high level, but absolutely serious and responsible, just as they cannot use a person of a really high level, but it is difficult to be serious and responsible.

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