August 01, 2023

Everything in cloud - security service enters a new era

The era of "Everything in Cloud" has arrived, and cloud technologies have significantly lowered threshold for digital production.

—— Zhang Jianfeng, CTO of Alibaba Group and President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

There are too many photos on your mobile phone, you will upload photos to "cloud" to save space; some data is not convenient to carry around and can be stored in "cloud" and called up by phone. Anytime; enterprises do not need to purchase a large number of physical devices, they can use "cloud platform" Powerful computing power helps in management and operation... Nowadays, "cloud" can be seen everywhere in daily life and work.

Everything in cloud - security service enters a new era

In current security needs, security system plays a key role. In face of a rapidly growing wave of data and a complex and ever-changing real environment, security system must not only be equipped with equipment such as video surveillance, access control and burglar alarms, but also needs to constantly improve information processing capabilities and emergency response capabilities, cloud services security is a matter of course, and introduction of cloud computing, storage, processing and exchange of data in construction of security can be said to be a general trend.

At present, Security Cloud has started to take shape and has slowly begun to play its role. Easy Security is such a cloud-based security and maintenance platform. Easy Security is committed to providing enterprises with real connectivity, helping security enterprises to continuously obtain accurate information about target customers, correctly capturing real needs of target customers, from information discovery, service provision, equipment installation, operation and maintenance to entire process, multipoint connection, to realize security processing intelligence.

Everything in cloud - security service enters a new era

One platform, perfect data for easy analysis

In past, when there were operational issues in security monitoring, methods and channels for communication and feedback were quite complex, including open-source work orders, WeChat groups, DingTalk groups, emails, phone calls, etc. also lack of standardized and visual processing procedures. As a result, it is impossible to have a unified monitoring, tracking and management to ensure that problems are dealt with effectively and correctly. On other hand, it is also difficult to resolve historical issues and obtain valuable analysis and forecasts.

One of main functions of Easy Security Operation and Maintenance Platform is to provide a systematic and standardized process for resolving operational problems, which greatly improves efficiency of resolving operational problems. Reporting, feedback, and maintenance of security performance issues are tracked and recorded on a single platform to provide a single platform, single feedback, and status monitoring. Collaboration between users, employees, vendors, and technicians is greatly improved, allowing operational issues to be resolved more quickly. Raise value of operation and maintenance to a new level, and continue to process information through Yianfang cloud to drive development of security industry.

Everything in cloud - security service enters a new era

Strict checks to ensure quality of cloud information

Easy Security conducts quality and security management capability audits for established companies, conducts background investigations and proficiency testing for security technicians, and establishes historical assessment data such as word of mouth, credit, and daily work habits that are stored in Cloud After big data calculations, enterprises and security technicians conduct dynamic analysis.

During a project, repair report and repair data are generated initially and cannot be changed. Each process node has a corresponding picture recorded in a file, and responsibility is clearly separated. Finally, all project information automatically generates a data package, which is convenient for cloud storage and calculation.

Thousands of people, thousands of faces, clear resource promotion

Easy Security tries to comprehensively collect and analyze information and data related to consumers and sell them most appropriate products and services in a targeted and accurate manner according to different hobbies, interests and shopping habits. At same time, timely and dynamically update and enrich consumer data information, and use data mining and other technologies to predict next or deeper needs of consumers as early as possible, and then further strengthen promotion efforts, and finally achieve goal of a significant increase in corporate profits.

There's a famous saying in advertising circles: I know half of my advertising is wasted, but I don't know which half is wasted. Enterprises place ads after Yianfang cloud computing. Advertising can be targeted to certain groups of people and customers directly. Who viewed ad and how many times they watched ad can be reflected in data, which is convenient for monitoring and modification. Such targeted advertising can allow businesses to more intuitively understand advertising effect and maximize advertising effect.

Everything in cloud - security service enters a new era

At present, Yianfang security cloud has achieved initial results. More and more security companies are upgrading and transforming through Yianfang, and security professionals are expanding their ordering channels through Yianfang. Easy Security big data calculation also provides unparalleled convenience for members. In future, E-Anti will be optimized and become more intelligent and comprehensive, leading to rapid development of security industry!