August 01, 2023

The future direction of development of security and maintenance service will be

For security and maintenance, an important development direction for next phase is "Internet +". As first security service and maintenance platform in China, Easy Security represents most advanced development trend of industry and leads implementation of "Internet+" security operation and maintenance services.

Intelligent control

Difficulties in operation and maintenance of existing monitoring system are mainly reflected in: lack of management methods for video quality control, lack of a comprehensive operation and maintenance system, and lack of advanced operation and maintenance. processes and mechanisms. In particular, intelligence realizes automatic detection and prompt alarm of surveillance point images in system, which makes it impossible to ensure timely and efficient maintenance of video surveillance system, and troubleshooting often takes many days. point of failure, which is necessary for needs of a continuous real-time monitoring system.

The future direction of development of security and maintenance service will be

Therefore, with increase in size of video system and increase in number of users and maintenance personnel, it is necessary to implement advanced and scientific processes and mechanisms for operation and maintenance, such as Easy Security, as well as to refine troubleshooting processes. , troubleshooting and regular maintenance to effectively guarantee normal operation of video system.

Big data and other technologies

For security and maintenance services, value of big data and cloud computing technologies is more reflected in how to achieve effective data mining during a boom in security and maintenance data. The application of mobile Internet technology will also greatly improve quality and efficiency of security and maintenance service. For example, most operation and maintenance processes can be performed on mobile terminals, including equipment repair, service management, quick statistics, identity verification. etc., based on mobile Internet access to a simple security platform to realize data query, business operations and business process management, and to realize visualization and security operation and maintenance convenience.

The future direction of development of security and maintenance service will be

Single management platform

Based on current development of security operation and maintenance, its management model is gradually evolving from extensive to intensive, especially with establishment of unified management platform of Yi Security. With Easy Security, ever-expanding social resources are integrated to provide horizontal and vertical management to meet ever-growing security and maintenance needs of enterprises. With Yi Security, you can access most brands of products on market. And it can control common functions of most products, and can work in regions all over country, making entire operation and maintenance system with reliable compatibility and throughput.

Create an innovative service model

Today, in implementation of "Internet +", security operation and maintenance service should learn more from IT service model, use Internet thinking to innovate service model, and provide users with a unified security operation and maintenance. Provision of additional value-added services. In Easy Security, customers can not only enjoy professional security system installation, operation and maintenance services, but also enjoy most practical security services, such as project management and control, collaboration office, auxiliary tools, resource library, etc., which play an important role in daily management and assistance.

The future direction of development of security and maintenance service will be

The annual report on work of government is a weathervane for development of various industries. Enterprises will go brighter and brighter along road that country is leading. Under leadership of government, E-Anti will seriously implement "Internet +", serve enterprises and security professionals, and help consumers with security needs The future is limitless!

China's No. 1 Security and Maintenance Platform - Simplicity

Easy Security is first company to offer granular control using definitions, classifications and data. Targeted and accurate services, creating a database, quantifying factors and indicators that affect quality, efficiency and cost of services one by one, and realizing digitization of service capabilities. Repair, maintenance, construction, shipping, door-to-door delivery, process, disposal, reporting and communication, valuation, etc. will all be digitized. We will revolutionize industry and change traditions.