July 31, 2023

If you are in security and maintenance business, have you used Easy Security yet? OUT!

If you are in security and maintenance business, have you used Easy Security yet? OUT!

Anyone who understands security industry knows that for effective use of security equipment, three points depend on technology, and seven points depend on operation and maintenance. Operation and maintenance of security equates to after-sales service of product, which is "last mile" of building a security system. This "one kilometer" is of great importance, plays a decisive role in user satisfaction, influences success or failure of use of security to a certain extent, and is an integral part of security industry.

In recent years, dramatic increase in number of safety equipment and transformation of original equipment have placed new demands on safety operation and maintenance services. However, industry's low entry barriers, sheer numbers of practitioners, and rapid product replacement have also created additional challenges for many security O&M professionals. How to unleash your strengths and take on more orders in today's environment is a major challenge facing many security and maintenance personnel.

Times are evolving, and it is obvious that only expectation of jobs and offline advertising channels can no longer meet urgent needs of market, and Yi An Fang has appeared. The national security operation and maintenance platform created by Easy Security realizes complete lifecycle management and control of security equipment by building a comprehensive security and maintenance system.

If you are in security and maintenance business, have you used Easy Security yet? OUT!

·Easy Security Platform Benefits

1. Covers a wide area and comprehensive content

Easy Security cooperates with 13,000 users covering most of country's provinces, including 500 security companies and 1,500 registered technicians. It is number one security and maintenance platform in country.

In addition, Yianfang-Security Monitoring is entrance and finally covers 15 weak electronic systems, which can provide users with almost all security-related operation and maintenance services.

2. Implement improved governance and provide digital information services

Easy Security will have a large amount of dynamic user and transaction data. By recording a series of online and offline user behavior data such as user gender and age, enterprise type, installation and maintenance records, and equipment failure information, a dynamic user group profile and personal demand profile are finally formed. With user portraits, Easy Security can more clearly understand consumer needs, customize user security services, and implement non-standardized, non-transparent and false product information in exquisite services industry, and promote structured and indiscriminate information sharing in security industry. helping consumers make effective decisions.

3. Realize relationship between multiple users of different security roles and improve efficiency of resource allocation

Easy Security is using Internet to revolutionize security industry and bridge gap between people and security. There are producers, service providers and consumers on platform, and roles have changed from a single series mode to a parallel or multidimensional relationship. This kind of interaction is no longer between people or between enterprises, but between people and data interaction has changed previous way of using a large number of labor, which forced enterprises to incur huge labor and management costs, and improved efficiency of resource allocation. Complemented by Internet monitoring and evaluation mechanism, it brings completely different information flows, business flows and capital flows, optimizes entire security business production chain, and achieves rapid improvement in efficiency.

4. Scientific planning plan to reduce actual costs

Easy Security has established a fault occurrence database, a fault cause analysis database and a solution database, and will continue to improve technical expert database, construction quality node database, material supply database, maintenance expert evaluation database, department work schedule. installeddata base, basic databases of standardized operations, such as equipment life cycle dynamic records database, provide and maintain maintenance technicians' operational plans, refine cost structure, dynamically increase or decrease staff at any time, save material and labor costs, reduce and avoid unnecessary expenses of customers and improve efficiency of use of funds.

If you are in security and maintenance business, have you used Easy Security yet? OUT!

According to results, security monitoring equipment under protection of Yianfang operation and maintenance platform can improve timely resolution of problems by 80%, improve maintenance efficiency by 50%, and reduce costs by 30%. In terms of degree of perfection and intelligence, Yianfang operation and maintenance platform is far ahead of industry.

Operation and maintenance is not easy and market still needs improvement. In this process, E-Anti will firmly play a pioneering role, strengthen industry exchanges and cooperation, optimize resource allocation, improve intelligent construction, and promote development of security and maintenance service.