July 31, 2023

Your life is alive! You need to pay attention to fact that camera has been hacked.

Your life is alive! You need to pay attention to fact that camera has been hacked.

Live streaming is a very popular way to share life these days, but if you're "live live" because of a smart camera installed at home without your knowledge, it's definitely a terrible thing.

In real life, from time to time there are cases of hackers invading cameras and stealing monitoring. In fact, as long as hackers master technology and exploit technical loopholes of some cameras, hacking cameras is very easy. Professional lab technicians have demonstrated "hacking" a webcam without any blocking by looking up a network IP address.

Your life is alive! You need to pay attention to fact that camera has been hacked.

You can tell from IP address that this is a family from Hong Kong. The camera should be installed at top of living room so that image is clear and layout of entire room is clear at a glance. You can see how a 30-year-old lady cleans house, and a child of several years old plays on sofa, a child's smile and food arranged on a coffee table are clearly visible.

Secret leaks caused by network security knowledge

What is reason for such a large loophole in security camera? Below, we summarize a few common reasons for a leak due to a lack of knowledge about network security.

01, If you are using a simulated monitoring device and a DVR with a network port and are connected to Internet for remote monitoring, then your machine is encrypted. ? Remember that you must change at least two user passwords, and password must not be too simple, and you can use both uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

02.If you use a network camera, which is a more convenient network camera with a cloud function, there are many devices that need to be encrypted, not just a video recorder (NVR). If you want to control point-to-point or monitor one camera, then all surveillance cameras must be encrypted. Of course, if you want more convenience, then turn off cloud camera function, then just do a good job of encrypting NVR operation more securely. Once a network camera is encrypted, it is generally more secure, even if device is stolen, it is difficult to use it again without a password.

Your life is alive! You need to pay attention to fact that camera has been hacked.

03、 Wireless routers used by ordinary people, those with a little knowledge of network will do some encryption in WIFI, but there are too many WIFI hacking software now, encryption itself useless, let us Bind IP/MAC of machine to be used on router, so that chance of theft and connection is much less, and can also prevent improperly encrypted monitoring equipment from directly penetrating external network and leaking secrets.

04, When installing monitoring, did you find a more reliable monitoring company for building and debugging? I think installment payment method will be detailed in your construction contract, but you may have missed an important point. The non-disclosure clause is very important. This is correct way to ask engineering company to guarantee you in this area. Therefore, for a good monitoring project, it is not enough to find a few electricians who will take care of it.

05. Do you regularly check log information in NVR and see if there are any meaningless login records? This is more important. As soon as such a situation is detected, it is necessary to check device in time or change password. One IP camera also has a log, and checking log of machine from time to time can very well prevent such events.

06. The router log is also very important. Routing mainly depends on whether network traffic is very high. If router's network traffic is still high enough when you're not watching movies or online games, it's assumed that someone has been using your monitor to take a closer look at you at edge of earth, so be careful.

Your life is alive! You need to pay attention to fact that camera has been hacked.

Daily maintenance and equipment management is very important

In order to install a video-centric home security system, hardware is only one aspect, and home environment will not be truly secure if it is equipped with security hardware. We also need a market to test and tune equipment, as well as service and solve problems that arise. Only in this way can security truly protect our security.

As a big data platform for security operations and maintenance, Easy Security covers entire process from information collection, service transactions, equipment installation to operation and maintenance, and is best choice for meeting security needs.

Professional things remain professional people. Easy Security Platform is first company in industry to formulate a set of practical solutions for security process, use a maintenance application, select photos and text so that users can clearly describe status of their equipment, and use LBS to solve maintenance needs. security industry companies. The Easy Security client application can help users search and locate at least three nearest service technicians online, view name, photo of maintenance staff, previous service rating, professional experience, etc., and can also directly contact maintenance personnel. user decides which one to choose.

For customers, platform's quick response mode, standard maintenance process, fair and reasonable service price, and guaranteed service quality assurance help it solve problem of convenience, timely search for service personnel, and multi-person comparison, service comparison. , Process control, after-sales service, safety and many other issues, maintenance is more timely, greatly improving efficiency. (WeChat payment, Alipay, online banking model) Its creation will allow customers to enjoy cheaper, more convenient, standardized and guaranteed services, make it easier for service departments and staff to receive orders, convenient operation and increase revenue. , Work more responsibly.

Your life is alive! You need to pay attention to fact that camera has been hacked.

When it comes to smart cameras, we shouldn't give up because of suffocation. As long as we choose usual big brand, find specialists to update and maintain, and pay attention to covering them when not in use, smart cameras are still a handy tool for life.