July 31, 2023

The same camera, why don't you understand?

The same camera, why don't you understand?

CCTV cameras are infiltrating more and more homes and shops. They capture what is happening every second and help restore truth about incident. People are increasingly inseparable from cameras. During installation and use, problem of camera also becomes more and more noticeable.

The same camera, why don't you understand?

Why can't I see well

The same camera often has a video image that is not clearly visible after installing a video surveillance system, why does this happen?

Due to poor choice of mounting location or camera itself, this will cause camera's backlight to be over-compensated (i.e., overexposed). This is a common problem among customers who have installed a video surveillance system. light will be directly situation that video image will be fuzzy.

Solutions to vision problems

1. Choose a surveillance camera with appropriate features to enhance backlight or compensate for background.

Currently, conventional cameras do need an auto gain control function, that is, an auto light addition function, but this auto light addition function is limited in real environment. If there is strong direct light or strong sunlight. , this automatic fill light function won't play a big role

2. The choice of installation site is very important.

When choosing a location, do not install camera in a location directly facing a door or window where light is very strong. Try to avoid direct sunlight from outside, which can greatly improve backlight phenomenon at entrance and exit. In some cases, camera can be installed on side of room.

The same camera, why don't you understand?

3. It can increase indoor light intensity so that indoor light intensity and outdoor light intensity are basically same.

Increasing brightness of internal light source can improve backlight phenomenon. The outside light within monitoring range is strong and inside light is weak, resulting in too much contrast between black and white levels. Image. Thus, if illumination of internal light source is increased, internal light is enhanced. Reducing contrast with ambient light can also improve backlight effect.

The right way to maintain a security camera

By ensuring that camera is clearly visible and can be used normally, proper daily maintenance will reduce number of camera failures.

1. Dustproof

There is a lot of dust and invisible particles in air, which easily cover front glass cover of surveillance camera or front glass plate of protective cover, blocking line of sight, thus affecting monitoring effect and clarity.

2. Moisture resistant

For CCTV cameras installed outdoors, exposure to sun and rain is unavoidable. The penetration of water vapor will cause circuit board to become damp and moldy, and may even lead to a short circuit and breakage of circuit board. Therefore, moisture protection of surveillance camera is very important.

3. Impact resistant

Vibration can adversely affect mechanical parts of surveillance camera. Although mechanical part of modern digital surveillance cameras is very accurate, thickness of some of mechanical components used in equipment is less than 0.5mm, and positioning accuracy of guide post is microns, so strong vibrations sometimes cause mechanical misalignment or even circuit board is loosened. Therefore, strong vibrations during use should be avoided as much as possible, especially to prevent machine from falling to ground.

The same camera, why don't you understand?

4. Lightning Protection

In process of maintenance of monitoring equipment, it is necessary to pay great attention to problem of lightning protection. In addition to lightning protection for equipment grounding, an independent comprehensive grounding network with a grounding resistance of less than 1 Ω should be prepared in accordance with equipotential circuit of enclosure, and practice of mixing low-current system lightning grounding with electric should be avoided lightning protection grounding network, so that interference from ground grid is not interfere with equipment.

5. Regular inspection

No matter what kind of equipment, regular inspection, timely detection of problems and timely replacement of vulnerable parts will avoid big troubles. Choose professional surveillance camera operation and maintenance personnel and use Easy Security. Easy Security focuses on operation and maintenance of surveillance cameras and other security equipment. Through big data computing, resources are integrated and advanced management services are provided for equipment to solve problems associated with use of surveillance cameras.