July 30, 2023

Changes in security industry - concentration is inevitable, big data is way out

Changes in security industry - concentration is inevitable, big data is way out

Under influence of "new normal" of national economy, development of security industry in my country has suffered greatly. Some small and medium-sized enterprises have experienced difficulties in operation, and profitability of industry is gradually approaching general average level of my country. Experts in domestic security industry generally believe that security industry has entered a very critical period of development, and industry is in an important "period of transformation." The security industry, especially video surveillance companies, is undergoing major reshuffling and innovation.

Currently, video surveillance industry is going through a critical period: from analog surveillance to high-definition digital surveillance and to IP era. In analog era, large and small enterprises and even workshop factories can enter this industry. The situation has disappeared. In fierce competition for survival of strongest, small and medium-sized enterprises face fate of being forced out by the market at any moment if they slowly turn around.

Changes in security industry - concentration is inevitable, big data is way out

The security industry is moving towards change

The basis of current national policy is to adjust industrial structure and transform growth mode, and this is also main challenge facing our industry. Based on some developments in security market, security is undergoing such changes. The ability of an enterprise to feel these changes keenly, to have a deep sense of crisis and to actively carry out transfer work is a necessary prerequisite for whether enterprise can adapt to situation and grow stronger.

There is a saying in communications industry: live three times, not four times. The top three companies will survive and fourth will perish. Therefore, ZTE informed employees that ZTE is currently ranked fourth, in fact, it encourages its employees to work hard and strive not to become fourth. And Ren Zhengfei, chairman of Huawei, always asks everyone at his high-level meetings whether Huawei will be next victim? In fact, security industry also continues trend of increasing industry concentration.

Changes in security industry - concentration is inevitable, big data is way out

Development of IT security

The security industry and security technologies have clearly demonstrated characteristics and important trends of IT industry during development of three upgrades. The three security upgrades are digitalization, networking, and intelligence. The advent of DRI is beginning of digitalization of security, but real implementation of digitalization of security is IDC, that is, use of network cameras and NVI. Thanks to use of these technologies, information flow in security system began to change from analog to digital. Then application of IDC and NVI led to fact that security technologies and products acquired characteristics of IT. Video surveillance has IP or began to implement system communication through protocols.

The real IT-centric security trend is that security technologies can implement various specialized applications through middleware in an open network environment. When security moves to IT development trend, showing characteristics of openness, integration, mitigation and maintenance of IT enterprises or IT technologies, security technologies and security systems, transition from current emergency system to transition of early warning system will begin. . To achieve transformation or change of above issues, big data is technically best solution, and getting big data is only way.

Changes in security industry - concentration is inevitable, big data is way out

How to understand big data security

We cannot interpret needs of a particular business as main direction of security industry in future, or as whole concept of big data. First of all, big data increases accuracy of data collection, such high-precision data collection means realization of real and comprehensive perception, which is basic element of Internet of things and smart cities. In addition, it does not mean that some interesting characteristic information can be found from dataset, big data should carry out general analysis and deep processing of all data in order to generate valuable information with predictive and early warning functions. In concept of big data, all data is valuable.

Security teams need to learn from IT services industry

The development of security industry along path of IT also means that service characteristics of security industry are becoming more apparent. With help of information industry, it is indicated that growth point of information industry has already shifted from production to services. Some of world's large IT companies have long announced that they are abandoning production and switching to services, such as IBM, Cisco, EMC, etc. All of them began to apply for services. It was against this backdrop that Lenovo in China took over IBM-related manufacturing business.

Then security services industry is only for receiving alarms or servicing alarms or engineering operation, maintenance and after-sales service? Easy Security is to study structural form and working methods of IT services in order to plan form and development of operations in security services industry. Realize advanced management of big information data such as security equipment, personnel and enterprises, and intelligently solve security operation and maintenance and development problems.

Changes in security industry - concentration is inevitable, big data is way out

Fierce competition in industry depends on innovation to win future

In current era, with help of transformation and reform in country, security companies also need to deepen reform, adjust direction of development and determine direction of development. Any enterprise must determine its development in a common environment or in accordance with a common environment. At same time, enterprises need to accurately position themselves in current market environment and in current technology environment in accordance with their conditions, and better integrate resources to carry out their proper adjustment and transformation.