July 30, 2023

Trademark infringement, Amazon lost in China

Trademark infringement, Amazon lost in China

According to "Easy Security" on April 17th, Amazon will announce its exit from China this week. The final time of announcement has not yet been determined, and exact time is yet to be determined.

Some Chinese Amazon employees have already started looking for work. However, there are not many companies and options to choose from: in future, Amazon will retain only two businesses in China, one for Kindle and other for cross-border trading, and all other businesses will be eliminated. To be precise, it should be "Amazon's core e-commerce business will come out of China." The movement of Amazon Cloud (AWS) is not yet clear.

Trademark infringement, Amazon lost in China

Contempt for China has long boded failure

As to why Amazon retreated to China, some of Yi Anfang's comments indicate that it was mainly due to Amazon's "acclimatization". Amazon has always hoped to copy successful US model to China and is extremely distrustful of Chinese team, as a result of its efforts no one is buying in China and it will be a matter of time before it leaves.

The author believes that Amazon's arbitrariness is just superficiality, and his various actions hurt hearts of Chinese, which is main reason for his inability to survive in China.

Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say, and Amazon didn't say it took a day to become what it is today. The seeds of failure have long been sown in what Amazon has done with China.

Deeplens trademark allegedly infringed

November 30, 2017 Amazon AWS launched an AI camera called DeepLens. It is a camera that is capable of deep learning and integrates AWS and AI services. As a product launched by Amazon, this camera has received a lot of attention since its launch.

Trademark infringement, Amazon lost in China

In fact, as early as October 2015, Deep Lens trademark was registered and used by a security company in Beijing that used trademark on their smart cameras. In addition, company's Deep Lens smart camera also uses most advanced AI technology. It can be said that Amazon cameras are "matched" with smart cameras made by Chinese companies. When promoting in China, Amazon still promotes its cameras in China under Deeplens banner, although it knows that Deep Lens trademark is registered, and it is shameful to openly plagiarize trademark.

Trademark infringement means that subject uses same or a similar trademark on same or similar goods without permission of trademark owner, or otherwise interferes or interferes with trademark owner's use of its registered trademark sign. Trademarks, other actions that damage legitimate rights and interests of trademark owners.

Clearly, Amazon's Deeplens AI Camera is a trademark infringement of true owner of Deeplens. Unfortunately, this copyright infringing camera is still for sale on Amazon. This security company will reportedly sue Amazon for infringement and we will continue to pay attention to this incident.

Amazon ad pokes fun at Chinese Americans

Amazon and online shopping platform eBay have launched ads using photos from third-party sellers. In picture, a white boy in traditional Chinese clothes points his finger into corner of his eye. This move is usually used to make fun of people of Chinese origin,

Trademark infringement, Amazon lost in China

A large number of people of Chinese descent saw this and were outraged and asked Amazon to remove related page. Due to rave reviews, Amazon immediately removed related apparel page, and a spokesperson also issued a statement that controversial product had been removed, but did not explain reason for allowing image to be posted and declined to apologize for it. Incident.

In today's era of racial equality, everyone hopes for peaceful and equal treatment. These small acts of humiliation of China can still appear majestically on Amazon. May I ask you, Amazon, did you really respect Chinese?

Used goods from Europe and America are sold to China

On Yianfang platform, a Chinese netizen complained that silk and jewelry he bought on Amazon platform were used goods returned from Europe and United States.

The netizen said that new box should have 4 seals, but when he received product, it was clearly opened and there was a blonde hair stuck in it, and there was a lot of brown hair on car. When he contacted Amazon customer service, customer service said that if he didn't want to, he could only return it and buyer should pay for shipping cost himself.

After Yianfang posted this post, other netizens also commented that they had a similar shopping experience on Amazon. It can be seen that such things are not random, and Amazon does not take the Chinese market seriously.

Trademark infringement, Amazon lost in China

Similar to how Bezos always showed affection for his ex-wife and eventually cheated on his mistress, Amazon has always emphasized importance of China, but repeatedly acted to detriment of China. When betrayal becomes natural, what more can be said?

Amazon, don't give away!