July 27, 2023

A cosmic black hole has taken over Internet! Do you also know black hole surveillance camera?

At 21:00 on April 10, 2019, an internet news item exploded in scientific community. Sheppard Dorman, director of Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project, announced to world in Shanghai, China: "We have caught a black hole. The first photo of a black hole." This is first photo of a black hole in human history and it is first time we have seen a black hole with the naked eye.

A cosmic black hole has taken over Internet! Do you also know black hole surveillance camera?

The topic of black holes has quickly become popular on Weibo and has become a topic of discussion among general public in cyberspace. The black hole of universe is popular with everyone, so you understand black hole of surveillance camera?

In recent years, with development of science and technology and improvement of concept of human security, more and more people prefer to "accompany" whole family by installing smart cameras. However, in era of big data and rise of cloud, sharing and collecting data is becoming easier and simpler, and at same time, people are becoming more and more concerned about privacy and security. It is not uncommon for smart cameras to be maliciously controlled, surveillance security changed to private live broadcasts, etc. Is your camera really secure?

A cosmic black hole has taken over Internet! Do you also know black hole surveillance camera?

What are security black holes of smart cameras?

Safety of other smart devices in 1 home

Smart devices such as routers and smart speakers are playing an increasingly important role in home. Their security, like entrances and central controls, will include security of more devices in home. In era of Internet of things, more and more devices of various types and purposes are connected to network, and routers are inputs for connecting these devices to network. At same time, as "center console" of home smart equipment, smart speakers play a particularly important role.

2Use default password or password is too simple

Users using default passwords or password settings that are too simple are one of biggest security risks. General default passwords are admin, 12345678, etc., while fixed passwords like names, birthdays, mobile phone numbers, etc. are easier to crack.

3 Did not regularly update system to fix vulnerabilities

Regularly updating your system or fixing vulnerabilities is an important measure to keep your network devices secure. However, most users lack security awareness and often ignore important system updates and security fixes.

4 Install plugins carefully

Installing plug-ins can provide advanced functionality for smart hardware devices. Taking smart routers as an example, router plug-ins currently available on market include broadband acceleration, game acceleration, ad blocking, intrusion blocking, virtual memory, etc. However, from a security point of view, each an additional plug-in is equivalent to an increase in risk. If there is a vulnerability in the plug-in, it could be a "small loss".

A cosmic black hole has taken over Internet! Do you also know black hole surveillance camera?

How to protect privacy and security under surveillance cameras

1 When buying a smart camera, choose a reputable manufacturer

Buy through normal channels, don't be greedy on cheap, buy "three no" items. As we all know, big brands have stronger technical strength, pay more attention to safety in design and production process, and have excellent after-sales service, which is relatively safer.

2 Change and change your password in a timely manner

After installing smart camera, first thing user should do is to change default control password. Simple passwords are easier for hackers to crack. Only by increasing complexity of password and changing it from time to time. time can better protect privacy and security.

3. Turn off your smart camera at right time

When someone is at home, you can turn off smart camera or disable its Internet connection by turning off power, unplugging network cable, turning off Wi-Fi, etc. to stop it from working. at unnecessary hours.

4 focus on Wi-Fi security

When a smart home device is connected wirelessly, it is necessary to ensure that user can be notified in time when connection is broken, so that user can take countermeasures. And, when using a Wi-Fi connection, try using software that is equipped with a Wi-Fi security channel.

5 Timely update

During daily use, it is necessary to update corresponding applications in a timely manner. If a problem is found, immediately stop using device and inform manufacturer to wait for result of repair.