July 25, 2023

12 Security Camera Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Have

Currently, use of video surveillance is very common, and it is not uncommon for cameras to fail. Today I will summarize twelve tips for maintaining security cameras. Pure haberdashery, please collect them if you need them!

1. Voltage detection and trip method.

2. Voltage Detection Method: It is used to detect voltage at each key point in circuit to locate fault.

3. Shutdown method. If there is a short circuit or excessive current in circuit, use this method to reduce extent of problem.

4. Resistance detection method: used to evaluate quality of a certain part of circuit.

5. Current detection method: Determine fault by observing current value.

6. Surveillance Method: First check whether circuit is damaged by irresistible factors such as fire and explosion.

7. Empirical Method: Estimating point of failure based on past experience.

8. Replacement method. For components that cannot be identified as corrupt, use replace method to check if suspect component is corrupted.

9. Adjustment method: When determined value of product is different from normal product, it can be adjusted with a potentiometer or other settings until effect is satisfactory.

10. Inductive Method: When there is no output signal or output signal is unstable, adding a noise signal to output signal can accurately determine that fault is related to a certain component of a certain part.

11. Temperature Method: If a malfunction occurs after a period of use, heating method can be used to correct malfunction.

12. Touch method: Open case, touch each component (chip) with your hand to make sure it is not overheated or over normal temperature, i.e. hand cannot stay on component. , it will feel abnormally hot, and then determine fault point.