July 25, 2023

How to effectively manage construction progress of weakly current projects?

Construction progress management means that in construction process of project, in accordance with approved project progress plan, using appropriate methods to regularly monitor and check actual progress of project, compare and compare with planned progress, to find out deviation between two, and analyze and evaluate various factors that cause deviations and degree of influence on project objectives, and organize, direct, coordinate, control supervision departments, contractors and related departments, and take effective measures to adjust project schedule in a timely manner. Have project cycle through plan until project is completed according to target date (project completion), i.e. date agreed in contract is completed on schedule, or is completed ahead of schedule under project quality assurance and not increase cost of project.

Construction progress, quality and investment relations are interconnected. The relationship between progress and project investment is that accelerating progress often requires increased investment, and various urgent measures are taken to complete construction project as soon as possible so that economic benefits of construction investment can be realized. play as soon as possible. The link between progress and quality is to accelerate progress. Workers become tired due to human and mechanical overwork, mechanical maintenance, lack of materials, and changes in construction conditions that can affect quality of project. A moderately and evenly accelerated construction progress can be reasonably advanced during planned construction period, and construction quality can be guaranteed. Strict quality control avoids rework and speeds up process. On contrary, due to alteration, construction time will be delayed, and cost of construction will increase. The relationship between investment and quality is that good quality increases cost of construction, but strict quality control avoids rework, improves contractor's construction efficiency, reduces cost of regular maintenance of construction project, extends life of project, instead reduce investment costs Increase efficiency investment in building unit.

Construction schedule management and control is a general term for a range of activities such as planning, implementing, reviewing, and researching work procedures and duration of construction phase of an engineering project. Engineering construction progress control is an important and complex task in engineering construction process and is an important part of three main goals of engineering construction. This contributes to speedy receipt of investment.economic benefits, maintaining a good economic order and increasing economic benefits of enterprises.

The task of construction control is to calculate construction period in accordance with construction project execution plan. The construction division engineer proceeds from scale, quantity and complexity of construction project, requirements of construction division for construction period and commissioning time, as well as funds for location. Planning and implementation capability, basic entry plan, "construction and installation period quota" promulgated by state, engineering geology, hydrogeology, construction site climate and other factors, after scientific analysis, optimal construction period of engineering construction project is developed. Once contract duration is determined, task of project construction schedule management is to determine implementation plan in accordance with target schedule, and control and adjust during construction process to achieve goal of schedule control. consists of scheduling, scheduling, and scheduling. To do this task well, you need to do three tasks well:

How to effectively manage construction progress of weakly current projects?

First, formulate overall goal of execution and overall plan of construction project

The preparation of work plan includes investment in construction project, supply of equipment and materials, layout of construction site, main construction equipment, combination of labor, construction of various auxiliary facilities, cooperation of various construction and installation departments, and time requirements for construction project . commissioning. These overarching factors must be fully considered, scientifically organized, rationally organized and generally considered in order to have a good schedule.

Secondly, to control progress, it is necessary to compare planned progress with actual progress of entire process of construction project

When actual progress of a construction project deviates from planned progress, regardless of whether progress is accelerated or delayed, it will affect structure of construction organization and cause problems during construction process. It is necessary to take effective measures in a timely manner. correct and control deviation The goal is to find cause and decisively correct it.

Thirdly, task of coordinating schedule is to coordinate progress of work of installation, engineering and construction and other construction departments, general contractors and subcontractors within framework of entire construction project, as well as coordination at intersection of time and space. communication and mutual constraint have a direct impact on actual progress of construction project. If construction relationships between these individual projects are not coordinated, construction order will be chaotic and construction project will not be completed on time.

The construction schedule is basis for controlling construction schedule. Therefore, construction scheduling to improve quality of schedule management becomes a key issue in schedule control. Since construction schedule is divided into two categories: general construction schedule and construction schedule for a single object, their preparation should be considered separately.

A prerequisite for achieving project goal on schedule is to have a scientific and reasonable execution plan. The construction progress of engineering projects is influenced by many factors, which requires project management personnel to conduct a comprehensive study and study of various factors affecting construction progress, predict and evaluate impact of these factors on construction progress, and prepare a workable work plan. . However, during implementation of schedule, there will inevitably be other factors that affect implementation of schedule, which will make it difficult for project to meet schedule in accordance with schedule.

This requires project manager to use principle of dynamic control during implementation of schedule to constantly check, compare actual situation with schedule and find out reason for deviation from plana, especially after finding root cause, take action to eliminate it. There are two prerequisites for determining actions: first is that original schedule can be maintained and performed normally by taking action, and other is that original schedule cannot be realized after action is taken. Follow new schedule.

Project control management is one of three main management objectives, along with project construction quality and investment, and relationship between two is mutual influence and mutual constraint. In general, in order to accelerate progress and reduce construction time, an increase in investments is required (under condition of a reasonable and scientific organization of construction, investments will not increase or increase slightly). However, early completion creates an opportunity for developer to receive expected income in advance. Accelerating progress of a project can affect quality of a project, and strict control of quality standards is likely to affect progress of a project. With strict and thorough quality assurance measures in place, although strict control will not lead to rework, construction progress will be guaranteed, and effective control of project quality standards and investment costs will also be guaranteed.

The control and management of progress of project should not be limited to considering factors of construction itself, but should also pay sufficient attention to other related links and factors of respective departments themselves. For example, design of construction drawings, engineering changes, marketing planning, development procedures, collaboration units, etc. Only through comprehensive and effective control of entire project planning system can construction period goal be guaranteed.

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