July 25, 2023

Security has weak electricity, gap between 3000 and 20000 monthly salary is here

Security has weak electricity, gap between 3000 and 20000 monthly salary is here

In eyes of public, weak security of current industry means hard work and low wages. It is true that low threshold is main feature of security and low current industry, but there are also highly paid talents in this industry with a monthly income of $20,000. So where is gap between weak power engineers with a salary of 3,000 and 20,000 a month?

One or two spaces in abilities

1. Business Ability

There are many weak current project managers who are especially good at communicating with A-side. They can use their characteristics to say that A-side chooses itself. This ability is really good. In state of competition, weak current people with their own characteristics can always stand out, so some friends cannot finish their projects, and some project managers are always looking for orders.

2. I love learning

Some weak current people always learn well on job and gain new experience. After joining security company, if boss thinks you are excellent, he may arrange some other tasks for you.

The boss asks if you will make a plan?

I answer: I will do it

The company plan will be sent to you later.

The boss asked: do you know how to design in CAD?

I answer: a little

You will then be responsible for drawing company blueprints.

The boss asked: Will you make a tender?

I answer: I did it once

After that, you will prepare tender documentation.

If you haven't already done so, tell me you will. This is your chance to learn. Early exposure to basic skills and knowledge of weak electricity will shorten your path to a high salary and avoid many detours.

Besides, with several points of company in your hands, are you still afraid that your salary won't fit?

Security has weak electricity, gap between 3000 and 20000 monthly salary is here

If you have been working for several years, you still only know how to install monitoring, and perform only some installation and construction work on monitoring. monthly salary less than 5000? For such a job, find a couple of people to train for two months, and he will do it. What is your main competitiveness?

There is a lot of discussion on Internet about which is better between low current engineers and network engineers. engineers need to understand principles of networking, setting up network equipment takes more time and money, and ordinary people cannot do it.

But salary of a project manager is higher than that of a network engineer, why? Because in addition to understanding design, project managers also need to be able to manage, plan, make suggestions, understand design, and understand network.

In a word: Wenneng designs circuit, and Wuneng designs network cable.

Security has weak electricity, gap between 3000 and 20000 monthly salary is here

Second, what is considered a high-paying ability

1. Required Skills

In fact, there are many low-current systems. The Senior Low Current Specialist has more than one technical knowledge. He needs to understand monitoring system, electrical wiring system, parking, access control, computer network system and intercom. Wait. for more than a dozen systems, have a certain understanding of most systems and have a certain deep understanding of some of them, because there are many weak current projects that can include many systems. In addition to these system technologies, it is also necessary to understand products, offerings, solutions, etc. of each system.

2. Core Technology

No matter how much we know about weak electricity, at least one aspect can be very professional. As far as this aspect of projects, products, proposals and solutions is concerned, most of them can in principle be solved. This is main competitiveness. For example, when we are monitoring, we may have plans for large and small monitoring, network or storage projects.

3. Experience

Share a common history of pre-sales and after-sales service: during implementation of a certain project, switch did not support function required by a certain offer. The after-sales service novice directly informed person in charge of Party A that we did not support this function, and Party A became very angry. Very serious consequences. If it's an aftermarket veteran, it definitely won't be "recognised" to Party A directly. There was a problem, and now key is to solve problem, synchronize situation with presales and sales and let them find a solution: either find an alternative solution, or find a new version for R&D, or do business with customers. This is not responsibility of after-sales service. If you don't tell it or tell customer directly, it is an after-sales problem. Find right way to 'throw pot', if you don't throw it you will be scalded, and if you throw it wrong you will be responsible for scalding others to death. It's an experience.

Security has weak electricity, gap between 3000 and 20000 monthly salary is here

4. Another soft power

In fact, there are many social skills, such as ability to communicate, having a wide network of contacts, understanding market and a deep understanding of project. They can solve many problems in a project. project, some people can earn 20,000 yuan and some can earn 50,000 yuan, which is epitome of soft power. In addition, it should be noted that if you find a reliable platform, your salary level will be double result with half effort. For example, join Yianfang, prove yourself in many ways, and accept orders online will be very good. results in practice.