July 21, 2023

Will you buy a home camera? After reading this article, you will become an expert

In addition to installing cameras in public places, do we need such sharp tools in our daily lives at home to protect our personal safety and safety of property?

For home theft, this is also a problem of probability. After all, we cannot guarantee that this will never happen to us, so it is very important to prevent problems before they happen. In order to give popular science to friends who do not understand choice and installation of home monitoring, editors today will talk to you about this serious topic.

Monitoring goal

First of all, before choosing a home surveillance camera, we need to know what is purpose of our choice, and then choose according to specific needs. For ordinary families, purpose of using surveillance is nothing more than following: to monitor safety of property when no one is at home, monitor movement of people who are doing homework, and steal someone else's privacy.

As for last point, it is beyond scope of our discussion today, as it violates laws and morality and violates privacy of others. Property security monitoring should prevent theft when no one is at home, and this is subject of our discussion today. Monitoring movement of people in family may include seeing if elderly are safe at home, if nanny is doing her job at home, etc. This requirement can be read in conjunction with ensuring safety of property.

Will you buy a home camera? After reading this article, you will become an expert

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Key features that monitoring should have

After clarifying purpose of monitoring, we can confirm main functions that purchased camera should have according to these purposes.

Firstly, selected surveillance camera should be small and compact. Residential surveillance cameras usually need to be installed in doorways or window sills, etc., to prevent intruders from intruding, and installed in prominent places. not easy to be detected by intruders, it does not interfere with daily life of family members.

Secondly, camera should be relatively easy to mount. Installing a home surveillance camera should be easy and convenient. No need to wait for professionals to come and install it. Therefore, it should be simple in design and easy to operate.

Third, selected camera must be connected to a wireless network so as not to damage decoration of house. The decoration of house is like a whole, and any damaged part will affect overall effect. Therefore, when choosing a home camera, it is best to choose a device for wireless connection. Such a camera does not need wiring everywhere, it will not affect appearance of house, no need to remove wall or punch holes in wall, saving you a lot of trouble.

Fourthly, easier it is to use, better. Users of home surveillance cameras have different levels of knowledge of modern equipment, so way to use camera should be simple and clear, and even fools can operate it. . Reduce workflow and simplify functional steps.

Fifth, it is best to have an Internet connection function, and a camera that can remotely monitor home, it is desirable to be able to remotely control real-time monitoring screen. There are also some more convenient devices that can be viewed in real time through mobile phone apps, which is also a very good choice.

Sixth, if conditions permit, you can also choose a monitor with an alarm function. If conditions allow, you can choose a camera with an alarm function. Typically, a monitor with an alarm function includes a buzzer function, an SMS reminder alarm function, and an email reminder alarm function. Cameras with these features may be a bit more expensive than conventional cameras, but they allow you to receive alerts in first place and minimize economic losses.

Seventh, if necessary, add a pan/tilt function. Non-pan/tilt monitoring equipment can only monitor in one direction, and there will inevitably be dead corner monitoring and blind spot monitoring. As for pan/tilt monitoring equipment, users can rotate it using computer or mobile app.phone, so that whole monitoring environment can be seen in a panoramic view, and maximum monitoring range can be achieved, which naturally makes home life more secure.

Eighth, if necessary, you can choose a device with a voice function, as for this function, it depends on user's preference. Choose a camera with a voice control function, which is more suitable for families with children or elderly. For example, it is not an absolutely necessary function to shout to children in an emergency or to communicate with elderly as needed.

Ninth, consider whether you need a night vision function. If you choose a surveillance device without a night vision function, such a device will go blind at night, and there is no practical operation, let alone surveillance. home safe environment. The editor suggests that when installing a home camera, it is best to choose a device with a night vision function so that you can monitor security of your home around clock from all sides.

How to install monitoring

Once you choose security camera that meets your requirements, not everything will go well! Also learn how to install them correctly.

The principle to follow when setting up a monitor is that it should be installed in a location with a wide field of view but easy to hide. Installing monitor in a place with many corners of wall will block recording range of camera, thus losing function of recording entire image of monitoring space; The monitor should also be installed in a place with a better Wi-Fi environment. Try to avoid too many electronic devices around it to reduce interference electromagnetic signals to monitor, and then pay attention to protecting monitor to avoid damage due to external forces.

Will you buy a home camera? After reading this article, you will become an expert

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Select issues that need monitoring attention

In addition to above conditions, what else should I pay attention to when choosing a home surveillance camera? Since equipment is used for monitoring, pixels, resolution, focal length and lens angle must of course also be taken into account.

For security cameras, distance, angle, and clarity all affect each other. Generally speaking, further distance, smaller angle, and smaller distance, smaller viewing angle. Then increase. For ordinary families, observation distance is not as wide as in public places, and requirements are relatively lower. Regarding lens and angle of view, you can refer to data below to make a suitable choice.

About focal length and shooting angle of lens, there is also some data that selector can use as a reference:

According to data analysis provided by market, we can see that a home surveillance system usually requires a resolution of 640x480 and a resolution of 30 or 25 frames per second to ensure a clear and smooth image and no video. to freeze.

Typically, every lens you can buy or hear about on market has a suitable place to use it. But when you see a huge amount of professional data, you still feel confused. Here are some tips for choosing: 1. A wide-angle lens is suitable for places with a short viewing distance and a large viewing angle. distance is 2.8mm and 2.5mm. 2 When viewing angle is greater than 60 degrees, distance is 5.5 meters, and focal length is 3.6mm and 4mm; 3 Viewing angle 50 degrees, distance 8-10 meters, focal length 6mm; 4 When viewing angle is 40 degrees, distance is 10-18 meters, focal length is 8mm; 5 When viewing angle is 30 degrees, distance is 20-30 meters, focal length is 12mm and 16mm; 6 With a viewing angle of 20 degrees, distance can reach 30-50 meters, focal length is 25mm; Half a dozen millimeters to hundreds of millimeters, it is very suitable for long distance shooting, focal length of zoom lens can be changed, and telephoto can be changed from wide angle to wide angle, it can be used when scene is deep and angle is wide; it can be hidden and not easy to find.

Also, while home monitors don't require too much definition, they also have some requirements for image texture. It is not strictly necessary to select HD 1080p quality, but at least 720p should be used as a standard configuration. Clear image quality can not only make image clearer, but also capture more motion details.